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The unthinkable has happened, you’ve been involved in an 18-wheeler accident in Florida and you’re not sure where to turn for help.  Because these vehicles are so large, the damage done to anything in their path can be catastrophic during an accident.  

The reality is, following the accident, not only are you trying to ensure the best care possible for you or a loved one, you may need to seek compensation for your injuries from the trucking company insurance company, and possibly the corporation that owns the trucking company.  

This may seem overwhelming at the time, but we are nearby and on your side.

Our attorneys near Tampa, Florida are highly-experienced 18-wheeler accident attorneys in Florida with decades of combined experience advocating for our clients following an accident with a commercial 18-wheeler. Our experience is your best chance at getting a favorable truck accident settlement in Florida.

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Types of 18-Wheeler Accidents in Florida

Typically, accidents with 18-wheelers in Florida are caused by drivers not giving the 18-wheeler enough space to maneuver, road conditions, or driver error.  Speed leading up to the accident could also be a factor.  Due to the size and weight of the trucks, accidents may tend to result in extensive damage and injuries to the vehicles and to the drivers.   

Not Enough Space to Turn or Stop

Because of their size and weight, maneuvering an 18-wheeler around corners and through traffic takes a certain skill from the driver.  If a driver encroaches on their turning space when making a right-hand turn – or cuts off their braking space before coming to a stop – an accident may inevitably happen. Because Florida is a Comparative Negligence state – an accident may not be 100% the 18-wheeler driver’s fault, and that may reduce some of the compensation you may seek, as the injured party.

The best way to sort out a fair amount of fault for both parties is to ensure you have proper representation when settlement discussions occur. An experienced Florida 18-wheeler accident lawyer who only works for you is there to help during negotiations.

Truck Accidents Due to Road Conditions

In Florida, 18-wheeler accidents related to weather mostly occur due to excess water on the roads, excessive rain, poor visibility due to fog, or heavy winds.  Traveling in dangerous weather conditions may result in the 18-wheeler hydroplaning, changing lanes unexpectantly and possibly sliding into other vehicles causing a serious accident.  If you’re injured either from being hit by an 18-wheeler, or because you had to swerve to avoid a more serious accident – you are entitled to care, repair, and in some cases compensation beyond medical care and rehabilitation. 

Driver Error in 18-wheeler Accidents in Florida

These large vehicles have a lot of moving parts and a wide variety of rules and regulations that govern their operation within the State of Florida and across the country. Many drivers work diligently to follow the rules and regulations and ensure they’re as safe as they can be on the road. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and drivers do make errors. They may drive for longer than they’re allowed or take substances to keep them awake to ensure on-time delivery.  The trucking company may put undue pressure and unreasonable expectations on their drivers to get the cargo in no matter what.  These situations can inevitably lead to errors and accidents that can be avoided.  As you can see just from the scenarios mentioned, there are many moving parts to an accident case involving driver error. Only an experienced Florida truck accident attorney can help sort out fault and responsibility in these cases to protect your best interest.

Typical Injuries from 18-Wheeler Accidents in Florida

Because these vehicles are so large, an accident with a car or motorcycle can be severe.  While we hope for just bumps and bruises, the potential for a permanently catastrophic injury is high.  Here are just a few injuries we’ve seen our clients come to us after an accident with an 18-wheeler.

Back, Neck & Spine Injuries

Because many truck accidents result in a passenger vehicle rolling over or being crushed, back, spine, or neck injuries are common.  Many of these types of injuries require surgery, extended hospitalization, and rehabilitation. Ensuring you have the necessary medical funds available from a settlement is one way we take care of our clients. 

Knee or Foot Injuries

Being trapped in the car can result in an entrapment injury to the legs, causing severe injury to the knees or feet. Because we require these extremities to perform daily functions as we live our lives, ensuring you have the absolute best care to recover as fully as possible is our highest priority. 

Head Injuries After 18-wheeler Accidents

At a minimum, a concussion can be debilitating and have long-lasting effects depending upon the severity.  When the injured party is hit or runs into an 18-wheeler, the potential for extensive and long-term head injury can be high. From traumatic brain injury diagnosis to a low-grade concussion – brain injuries can be fairly common. As your vehicle is hit – the jarring, spinning, rolling and just severe rocking back and forth can cause a variety of trauma to the brain.

How Can An 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney in Florida Help

The number one issue we’re asked about when a potential client calls us is how to deal with the other party’s insurance company.  They likely will be hounding you to give statements, settle the claim quickly or just provide documentation.  Not only are you and/or family members trying to recover – sharing this information or agreeing to settlements can hinder your case before it even starts. 

We offer a few tips to clients and potential clients upon first contact with Abrahamson & Uiterwyk:

  1. Don’t Provide A Statement – You can provide the basic details to the police, but avoid making statements to ANYONE else, especially law firms and insurance companies
  2. Don’t Provide Documents – Insurance companies and attorneys for insurance companies will try to obtain your medical records. You are under no obligation to provide these records to any law firm or insurance company. Let us handle that.
  3. Don’t agree to any settlements – The trucking companies, their lawyers, and their insurers understand the potential value of your claim, so they’ll try to get you to agree to a settlement even before you’re out of the hospital and have a firm grasp on the long-term costs associated with their injuries. Don’t agree to anything without talking to an experienced 18-wheeler accident attorney near you in Tampa. They’ll conduct an investigation to gather the data needed to negotiate and pursue a fair settlement.
  4. Don’t Wait – the longer you wait to hire a good attorney to represent you, the harder these other parties will push you into agreeing to an inferior settlement. The sooner you call, the sooner we take the pressure off you and your loved ones.  Once we’ve been retained, any contact can be met with “please speak with my attorney at Abrahamson & Uiterwyk.”

Recent Case Results from our 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys

A client was injured by a car carrier truck in Citrus County, FL that had parked without warnings, flags, or flashing lights when they struck the ramp and were ejected from the motorcycle. Our client had a variety of injuries including a broken leg and hip.  Our client was awarded $1,269,936 but their verdict was reduced in this case by the motorcycle rider’s contributory fault. 

A client was a 43-year-old who was rear-ended by a large commercial truck in Hillsborough County, FL resulting in disc herniation injuries that required cervical fusion. Our client was awarded a $2.5 million jury verdict but settled at $2.2 million with the commercial truck company.

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