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Summer Accident Dangers – Be Safe on the Roads

While Florida is famous as a gorgeous vacation destination, it’s also famous for its hot and humid summers. Summer vacations...

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tire safety

Spring Break & Summer Vacation Road Safety Tips

Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Boasting gorgeous beaches, unique tourist attractions, and incredible...

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Wrongful Death

Car Wreck Lawyer – What to look for when hiring one

Getting into an auto accident is often a very traumatic experience, but, once things calm down, you realize there are...

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Defective Tires and Product Liability

Every year there are thousands of crashes caused by defective tires. Governmental statistics estimate over 400 people are killed, and...

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Lane Splitting – What is it and what is the law in Florida

Lane splitting isn’t legal in Florida, but we see it every day. Lane splitting is the art of driving a motorcycle in...

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Truck Accidents – The Catastrophic effects

A tractor trailer owned by ABC Fine Wine and Spirits carrying 30,000 pounds of alcoholic beverages turned over on the bridge above...

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Injuries Sustained in a Dog Bite Attack

Dog bites pose a serious problem in the United States from both a medical and legal perspective. Medically, dog bites...

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What Is Important To Know About Accidental Death

It is possible for a person to be the victim of an accidental death. This is when someone dies as...

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Elements Of A Mechanical Failure Accident (auto)

Car accidents kill 37,000 Americans every year. It’s especially tragic when the accident is a result of a manufacturing error....

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Slip and Fall Lawsuits – What you need to know

Personal Injury cases like slip-and-falls are relatively easy to file but liability can be difficult to prove, especially when accidents...

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