Our Lawyers Know That Drowsy Driving Is Dangerous Driving

drowsy driverThe AAA Foundation recently published a study demonstrating that 41% of drivers admit to having fallen asleep while driving.Driving while tired or drowsy is extremely dangerous to both the driver and everyone in the driver’s vicinity.

Drowsy Driving Statistics

The NHTSA compounded the following data on drowsy driving in 2009:

  • 72,000 motor vehicle accidents occurred that year due to drowsy driving
  • There were 730 fatalities as a result of those accidents
  • 30,000 individuals were injured as a result of drowsy driving
  • 41,000 of these drowsy driving accidents resulted in property damage only

While drowsy driving only directly caused a small percentage, between 2-3%, of total accidents, it is estimated that tired or drowsy driving factors into 1 out of every 6 fatal automobile accidents. It is paramount that drivers refrain from driving when they are feeling sleepy or otherwise impaired in focus.

Tips For Avoiding Drowsy Driving

  1. Get at least six hours of sleep before attempting a long drive
  2. Avoid traveling at times when you would normally be asleep
  3. Take regular breaks at intervals of 2 hours or every 100 miles
  4. If you become sleepy or drowsy, STOP driving
  5. Never plan an all-night drive at the end of a work day
  6. Drink something with a healthy dose of caffeine
  7. Have a healthy stimulant available in case of sudden drowsiness
  8. Try not to drive at that point in the day you tend to crash
  9. When possible, travel with a passenger

Your life and health are far too valuable to risk on drowsy driving. Take the necessary precautions to stay safe, whether you’re traveling your daily commute or embarking on a cross-country adventure.

If You’ve Been Injured

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