Head-on Collisions: One of the Most Dangerous Types of Car Accidents

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Head-on collisions are one of the worst possible collisions a driver might find themselves in. These types of wrecks typically occur at high speeds and result in significant physical damage and personal injury for both vehicles and drivers involved.

Fortunately, head-on collisions represent a less frequent percentage of total US crashes, accounting for only 2% of all crashes in 2005.

If you have been in a head-on collision, the damage can be devastating, both physically and financially. You may want to call an experienced automobile injury lawyer to discuss your situation as soon as possible.

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Factors Influencing A Head-On Collision

A head-on collision involves the front end of two separate vehicles colliding with each other. Typically, the two vehicles will have been traveling in opposite directions at the time of the crash.

Several factors influencing a head-on crash include:

  • One or both drivers being distracted
  • One or both drivers not paying attention
  • Objects on road influencing an ill-timed swerve by one driver
  • Animal crossing influencing an ill-timed swerve by one or both drivers
  • Hydroplane on water on the road
  • Sliding on ice on the road
  • Adjacent vehicle pushing driver into oncoming traffic
  • Driver driving in wrong lane
  • Driver sleeping at the wheel
  • Poor visibility
  • Drunk driver

Injuries To Watch For

The impact of a head-on collision is compounded by the fact that the vehicles are traveling in opposite directions. If two vehicles impact each other at 40 mph, the impact to each car is identical to colliding with a wall or other stationary object at 80 mph.

Due to the compounding nature of head-on collisions, this particularly type of crash accounts for a disproportionate number of automobile related fatalities. Despite making up only 2% of total crashes in 2005, head-on collisions resulted in an astounding 10% of US crash fatalities.

Other common injuries include brain injuries, head and neck injuries, spine and bone injuries, internal hemorrhaging, contusions, and a variety of other serious and permanent injuries. Head-on collisions are usually very serious in nature and all parties involved should seek immediate medical attention.

It’s important to remember that the adrenaline of a crash can often mask the pain and symptoms of a collision-related injury. If you’ve been in a crash, call an ambulance immediately, even if you don’t feel injured. Immediately following a crash your priority should always be health first!

Head-On Collision Liability

In most cases, the liability in a head-on collision is very clear cut. One driver ends up in the wrong lane for one reason or another and receives full liability for the car crash. There are, however, a variety of situations that can make the liability less clear-cut:

  • If both drivers were extremely close to the lane divider
  • In the event of a swerve, there might be third-party liability
  • In an intersection where the light change timing is not definite
  • If another vehicle pushed yours into the oncoming lane

Never admit to liability immediately following an accident. Your judgment might be impaired from the collision and you may not have seen all the factors involved. It may be in your best interest to discuss your case with an experienced Tampa collision attorney in order to determine the best steps for your future.

You may have a limited amount of time to file a claim after being in a Tampa accident. Learn about your rights.

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