Protecting Your Rights After a Collision: How to Handle Car Accident Insurance Claims

Car Accident Insurance Claim An auto accident can quickly become one of the worst experiences of anyone’s life. To add insult to injury (literally, in many cases), the car accident insurance claims process can feel just as frustrating and distressing as the car crash itself.

It seems that at times insurance companies may not make the process easier for an injured victim. Even if they realize that the accident victim has suffered severe injuries and terrible hardship, they will sometimes negotiate every step of the way to reduce the compensation that may be owed.

Despite the catchy commercials and slogans that make so many insurance companies a household name, policyholders and victims alike are frequently surprised to learn how difficult an insurance company can be to work with after an accident.

It is very important that victims realize right away that the insurance companies do not represent their best interests.

As experienced Tampa car crash lawyers, we have seen accident victims struggle through the process of working with their insurance company. At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, we’ve spent a quarter-century fighting for the rights of unfairly injured victims all across Tampa Bay and throughout Central Florida.

Dealing with car accident insurance claims can be exhausting and exasperating, but that burden doesn’t have to be yours alone to bear. We can shoulder it instead.


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Why should you? It doesn’t cost you anything up front to hire our experienced Central Florida car crash lawyers, so why not let us go to work for you? We can fight to hold the insurance companies accountable to the full scale of their financial obligations.

Remember: insurance companies aren’t on your side, but we can be. Let us handle the negotiation for you and fight to maximize the compensation for your claim.  

Navigate the Claims Process with an Aggressive Attorney in Your Corner

At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, our team has worked with more than 20,000 victims who have faced unfair accident injuries. Most of those cases have ultimately involved claims against an insurance company, including many of the biggest insurance corporations in the world. We have the experience you need to fight back. That’s the whole reason our firm exists.

The claims process is long, difficult, and confusing. Even when you aren’t battling the insurer in litigation, there are forms to fill out, phone calls to make, and a lot of drudgery that most people would rather avoid.

Part of our service to our clients is to handle as much of that as possible so that you can live your life instead. After all, you’re hiring us for a reason, and we take that responsibility seriously.

We know how to handle even the most complicated car accident insurance cases. We’re also dedicated to treating each of our clients with compassion and respect. Our goal is to serve you well and make a meaningful difference in your case.

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