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A rollover is an automobile accident where the vehicle tips over on its side or roof.

Rollovers can be divided into two categories: tripped and untripped. A tripped rollover is the result of force applied by an external object, such as a curb, another vehicle, or even strong winds.

Untripped rollovers are generally the result of the driver taking a turn too quickly. The dynamics coming into play are tire force, inertia, and gravity. When the directional forces of the tires and the inertia of the vehicle are enough to counteract the force of gravity, the vehicle will begin to tip over.

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How Rollovers Can Happen

There are several common rollover scenarios:

  • In the course of a turn, the vehicle begins to slide sideways, or drift, and then impacts a curb, soft spot, or other off-road object, greatly increasing the lateral force and causing the vehicle to roll. This scenario accounts for around 70% of single-vehicle rollovers.
  • Impact with another vehicle, guardrail, or other object causes a disproportionate level of acceleration on opposite sides of the vehicle, usually causing the vehicle to tip over in the opposite direction of the impact.
  • Crossing a dip or slope can cause a vehicle to turn over. Slopes at 33% and steeper are sometimes referred to as “critical slopes” as they have the ability to tip most vehicles at normal road speeds.
  • A driver simply turns too fast, resulting in the lateral forces on the vehicle overcoming the force of gravity and causing the automobile to tip over.

Protecting Yourself In A Rollover

A rollover can be an incredibly frightening and traumatic experience, even if your injuries are minimal. Often, exiting an overturned automobile provides a challenge in and of itself. Remember to stay calm and avoid sudden movements or anything that could cause additional injury during your exit.

The most dangerous aspect of a rollover is the possibility of the roof caving in on the driver and/or passengers. Most vehicles lack roofs with any sort of support structure. Preventative measures can be taken in the form of crash bars and rollover cages.

Always make your safety the number one priority after a crash. Seek immediate medical attention first and foremost. The financial details can be addressed later after your immediate health needs have been taken care of.

Liability for Rollover Accidents

Since many rollovers are single-vehicle, the issue of liability usually falls somewhere between the driver and his insurance provider. Even with collision and comprehensive coverage, insurance providers may try do everything they can to minimize your payout.

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