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Getting a speeding ticket can almost be considered a rite of passage for a driver these days. You would probably be hard pressed to find a driver of 5+ years who hasn’t been cited for speeding at least once. Unfortunately, the relative normalcy of this behavior seeks to mask the dangers of driving over the legal limit.

In 2011, speeding vehicles resulted in 9,944 fatalities, accounting for 31% of total car fatalities in the US. In addition to loss of life, the NHTSA estimates that every year, speeding related crashes result in $40.4 billion in damages across the nation.

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Speeding Among Teens

As might be expected, speeding is more prominent among teens than any other demographic. Reckless driving combined with a lack of driving experience can be devastating.

  • Half of fatal crashes involving a teen driver are the result of speeding
  • Only 22% of fatalities occur on interstate highways
  • On average, teens allow significantly less buffer space between cars
  • 21% of teen accidents attributed to driver error involved speeds too fast for conditions

If you have a teen driver in the family, the best thing you can do is transfer a healthy awareness of the dangers inherent in driving to your teen. The more seriously your teen approaches the driving experience, the safer he or she will be.

Speeding Across The US

Speeding is the number one most cited moving violation in the US. The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 112,000 drivers are cited for speeding every single day
  • 41 million drivers are cited for speeding per year
  • 20.6% of all drivers will be receive speeding tickets every year
  • The average fine leveled by a speeding citation is $152
  • The total annual amount paid by drivers to settle speeding tickets is $6.2 billion
  • The average police officer generates $300,000 per year via speeding tickets
  • Only 5% of speeding tickets are contested in court by the driver

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