Tampa Vehicle Rollover Lawyers Discuss Protecting Yourself When Rollover Accidents Occur

Tampa vehicle rollover lawyers

Tampa Vehicle Rollover Lawyers 

When it comes to avoiding auto accidents in Florida, most of us fear other drivers the most. That makes sense — the majority of car crashes are caused by driver negligence. But one of the most dangerous types of highway accidents can occur when the only car involved is yours.

We’re talking about vehicle rollover accidents, and despite what you may have heard, they are not exclusive to SUVs.

Rollovers happen when a vehicle loses its balance, causing it to tilt toward one side until gravity takes over and turns it over. In some cases, the car may flip multiple times. Obviously, given that there are people inside at the time, this violent kind of motion can quickly result in devastating injury.

At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, we have worked with countless victims and families after a serious or catastrophic auto accident, including numerous rollover incidents.

We understand how these accidents happen, how the insurance companies attempt to combat the claims that arise out of them, and how the law applies to the losses of the victims.

The challenge, of course, is establishing that someone else is liable for your injuries if no other drivers were involved. Gathering evidence and presenting a compelling case can be difficult, and it takes an aggressive team to work to try to get victims compensation they may be entitled to.

That’s why our Tampa vehicle rollover lawyers routinely bring in outside experts to assist with rollover accidents, as needed. These highly respected and extensively credentialed professionals can investigate the accident scene, study the vehicle itself, and identify each of the parties that may share in the liability for your crash. Often, they are even able to testify as an expert witness on your behalf, bolstering your claim with persuasive credibility.

Of course, the best approach to rollover accidents is to avoid them altogether. This page is designed with prevention in mind. We will highlight some of the common causes of rollover accidents, the hidden dangers you should look for, and tips for protecting yourself.

For those who have already been injured in a rollover crash, or for those who may have tragically lost a loved one, this page will provide a brief overview of your rights under the law and explain how our Tampa vehicle rollover lawyers can assist you. Please let us know if we can answer any questions.

How Rollover Accidents Happen 

There are several common rollover scenarios:

  • While making a turn, the vehicle begins to slide sideways (or drift) and then impacts a curb, soft spot, or some off-road object. This greatly increases the lateral force against the vehicle, causing it to roll. This scenario accounts for around 70% of single-vehicle rollovers.
  • When a vehicle hits a loose object on the roadway, it can lose its balance and roll over on its side. These objects are referred to as trips, and they are often very difficult to see, especially at night. Speeding makes a rollover more likely. Common trips include tires, road kill, lumber, cargo that has fallen off of trucks, and debris from other auto accidents or severe weather.
  • Impact with another vehicle (or a guardrail) can cause one side of the vehicle to lose acceleration disproportionately to the other. That change in force on opposite sides of the vehicle can cause the car to tip over, usually in the opposite direction of the impact.
  • Crossing a dip or slope can cause a vehicle to turn over. Slopes of 33% or steeper are sometimes referred to as “critical slopes,” and they are capable of causing any vehicle to flip, even at normal speeds.
  • Simply turning too fast can create lateral forces that overcome the force of gravity, causing the automobile to tip over.

How to Protect Yourself in a Rollover 

A rollover can be an incredibly frightening and traumatic experience, even if your injuries are minimal. Simply exiting an overturned vehicle can be a challenge in and of itself.

Remember to stay calm and avoid sudden movements or anything that could cause additional injury during your exit. You may not realize you are injured.

Naturally, the best preventative measure is simply safe driving. Tire force, inertia, gravity, and speed are the most common forces at play in rollover accidents, so always drive cautiously, obey the speed limit, and make sure your car and tires are kept in good condition. Be careful when following behind cargo trucks, and use extra caution on unfamiliar roads and at night.

Always make safety your #1 priority after any crash.

Seek immediate medical attention, even if you aren’t sure whether you’re hurt. Once you are in good medical hands, get in touch with our Tampa vehicle rollover lawyers right away.

Your Rights & How Our Tampa Vehicle Rollover Lawyers Can Work with You 

Because so many rollovers are single-vehicle, liability tends to fall somewhere between the driver and his or her own insurance provider. That isn’t always the case, though. In fact, our firm is sometimes able to show that another party was negligent in creating a dangerous condition for you (another driver, a trucking company, a vehicle manufacturer, a local government, etc.).

Whatever the case may be, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering. Unfortunately, even if you have a great policy with a major insurer and a seemingly clear-cut case, insurance providers sometimes do everything they can to minimize your payout.

The Tampa car accident attorneys at Abrahamson & Uiterwyk have spent the last 30 years helping over 20,000 clients throughout Florida. We work on a contingency basis, so you won’t be charged a fee for our services unless we win.

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