Boy’s Leg Amputated After Jet Ski Accident

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. August 04, 2011

As the result of a serious water scooter accident, doctors amputated the leg of an injured 14-year-old boy, John Dahl. Dahl was riding a water scooter piloted by another 14-year-old boy in Redington Shores Monday evening when the accident occurred. Attached to the scooter was a wakeboard holding a third boy. As the scooter’s speed increased, the wakeboard rider feel off. However, the boy continued to pilot the scooter at high speeds. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation spokesman Gary Morse reported that Dahl became “upset about the speed of the boat and the way it was being operated”. Dahl then jumped off the water scooter and his leg became tangled in the towline attached to the wakeboard.

Fortunately, the other two boys were not injured and both Dahl and the driver were wearing lifejackets. Tampa General Hospital spokeswoman, Ellen Fiss reported that Dahl was recovering and remained in serious condition as of Tuesday morning.

The identity of the water scooter’s operator has yet to be released as a criminal investigation is pending. Officials described the investigations as “nothing earth-shattering” but standard procedure for boating accidents involving serious injury.