What are Some Common Causes of Truck Accidents that are Different from Other Types of Collisions?

causes of truck accidentsThere are many common causes of truck accidents, such as driver fatigue, failure to signal, speeding, and using drugs or alcohol while driving. Sad to say, these all happen more frequently than they should.

But truck drivers also have reasons for getting into accidents that are specific to their type of vehicle. Combined with driver error, trucks are often involved in collisions for doing things that wouldn’t normally happen to a car. Read on for some of the more particular causes of truck accidents.

  • Trucks can’t stop as easily as cars. Trucks are slower than cars when it comes to gaining speed – and when slowing down. They are usually large vehicles to begin with and may be carrying heavy cargo in addition. Therefore, if truck drivers don’t leave enough space to stop when they’re behind a car, rear-end accidents can easily result.
  • Trucks can do something called “jackknifing.” When a semi or eighteen-wheeler comes to a sudden stop, its cargo load can shift abruptly. This can cause the truck to flip or roll over, more commonly known as “jackknifing.” Surprisingly, very little speed is needed for a truck to jackknife. It’s entirely possibly for a truck to have this type of collision going only five miles per hour!
  • Trucks can have trouble turning. One of the chief causes of serious trucking accidents are the trouble big rigs have when it comes to turning. When these types of trucks have to make a wide arc in order to complete a right turn, unsuspecting passenger cars can easily get caught and hit in the space to the right of the truck.

If you or someone that you love was injured in a truck accident, you may need an experienced attorney. Trucking companies and insurance providers will often do anything to deny victims damages – even if the crash wasn’t the victims’ fault. When they do, you’ll want someone to fight on your behalf and assist in getting you get the compensation you deserve.

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