Common types of Motorcycle Accidents … part 2

Part 2 of our Common types of Motorcycle accidents picks up where Part 1 left off. See Part 1 here:

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Blind Spot

Huge portions of motorcycle-related accidents come down to riders who do not see the other rider. This type of motorcycle crash is known as blind spot collision, which usually takes place when another vehicle is overtaking the lanes. It is also common at junctures.

Lane Ways

Lane splitting, or the act of the motorcycle rider driving between two lanes of other cars that are stopped or moving slowly, is fine in some states. However, Florida is not one of those states that tolerate this behavior.

Unfortunately, there are still many lawbreakers who do not care about the traffic rules. Often, their stubbornness leads to accidents. Most of the car drivers do not know that the motorcycles are there, so they will not leave enough space between them and the car in the next lane. As a result, the motorcyclist can be hit by a driver who chose to merge into the other lane. It can happen even if the car driver swerves slightly.

Speedy Driving

There is a feeling of being free when you ride a motorcycle. Many also talk about the rush of excitement and adrenaline as they speed through the road. Sadly, speeding is one of the types of motorcycle accidents with riders going beyond the speed limit. They eventually lose control and they fail to see obstacles.

This is a common problem with new riders, but even more experienced riders ones push the speed boundaries, especially when their bikes have such great power.

single motorcycle accidentSingle Motorcycle

Sometimes, even when you are a pro at driving, accidents can happen. Motorcycles can skid, slide, or tip and you can get injured in what is known as a single bike crash. While it can happen to anyone and it is no one’s fault, there are instances where some causes are not obvious as to why the accident happened, such as road issues.

Drunk Driving

When a person drives while drunk, it could affect everyone on the street. It gets even worse when the rider is on a motorcycle as the rider could harm other people, not just himself. Despite raising awareness of driving under the influence (DUI) there are still some people who choose to drive drunk.

With an unclear mind and vision, it is easy for an intoxicated driver to get into an accident. The NHTSA says that alcohol contributes to about 40% of motorcycle accident deaths.

Distracted Driver

Some people have so many things in their head that they fail to focus on their driving. When you are on a bike, you should always have your eyes on the road with your mind not wandering off. Similarly, some riders also use their cellphones while driving, which can cause distracted driving accidents.

Some accidents are due to the bad decisions and poor actions of the driver. However, there are also a large number of incidents when it is the fault of another driver, which is something you cannot control.

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