How Properly Documenting an Accident Can Help Slip and Fall Victims

slip and fallsA slip and fall can be more than just an embarrassing incident. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, over 8 million emergency room visits result from falls and 1 million from a slip and fall.

Fractures are the most common injury reported. However, injuries can range from cuts and bruises to death. Whether it is a private or commercial property, the common thought is that responsibility attaches to the property owner. However, that may not always be the case.

Property Owners May Argue an Incident was Unpreventable

The property owner can argue that they were not negligent. The cause of the slip and fall was something that could not be prevented. For example, a slick piece of paper blowing onto the property that the victim stepped on and caused the fall. The property owner could not have reasonably prevented that paper from blowing onto his property or in the path of the victim.

In many cases, a property owner may argue that an injury victim did not take reasonable steps to avoid the hazard. Using the previous example, the injured person could have avoided stepping on the paper.

What Can a Slip and Fall Victim Do

Medical care for serious injuries resulting from a slip and fall can take years, and the medical expenses resulting from such injuries can be enormous. When it comes to pursuing compensation for an injury caused by someone’s negligence, the question becomes how a victim can prove liability for a slip and fall.

In most cases, victims of slip and fall accidents can take proactive steps to protect their rights at the time the incident occurs.

  • Photos: Photographs are an excellent way to provide evidence. It can also be useful to take note whether there are any security cameras on the premises that may have captured footage of the incident. If at all possible, a slip and fall victim should take the following photographs:
    • The injury
    • The cause of the injury (uneven floor, obstacle, slippery area)
    • The general area
    • Absence of warning signs
  • Witnesses: Try to obtain contact information on any witnesses that may have seen the accident.

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