Florida Bicycle Accidents: Protect Your Health and Your Rights by Wearing a Bicycle Helmet on the Road

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. September 26, 2013

bicycle helmet lawIn 2011, 677 people died in a bike accident. However, statistics show that many deaths and traumatic brain injuries can be prevented with the proper use of a helmet. If an accident victim was not wearing a helmet at the time of his or her accident, his or her lawsuit may be affected.

Statistics Regarding Bike Accidents and Helmet Use

  • Young cyclists are more likely than adult cyclists to die from head injuries

  • One state found that out of all cyclists who were using helmets and who were involved in an accident, only 13 percent of bicyclists were seriously injured and only 3 percent died.

  • In 2006, 95 percent of bicyclists who died in bike accidents were not wearing helmets.

  • Kids between 10 and 14 of age are at a greater risk for traumatic brain injuries than other children.

  • Some safety experts believe that up to 75 percent of bicycle-related deaths among children could be prevented if they wore a helmet.

  • An estimated 39,000 to 45,000 head injuries could be prevented with the universal use of bike helmets.

Florida Helmet Use Law

According to the Florida Helmet Use Law, kids who are younger than 16 are required to wear bike helmets. However, the statute specifically precludes using the fact that the bike rider did not wear a helmet as evidence of negligence.

Bike Accident Claims

A large part of a bicycle accident claim is detailing the type of injuries that a person sustained. Some bike accidents may relate to parts of the body that would not be affected by the use or nonuse of a bike helmet, such as a broken leg, spinal cord fracture or back injury.

However, traumatic brain injuries, head injuries and neck injuries are some of the most common injuries that individuals sustain in bike accidents.

Although the insurer may attempt to use it against you if you were not wearing a bicycle helmet, Florida bicycle helmet laws prohibit this from being legally permissible evidence to show any negligence on your part. Nevertheless, it is best to always wear a helmet to avoid injury and any difficulties in a potential lawsuit.

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