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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. December 04, 2013

Florida drunk driving statisticsIt’s no secret that drivers who choose to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol are a threat to both themselves and the entire community.

Although stiffer penalties and educational outreach has had some success in addressing the problem, there are still an alarming number of drunk drivers on the road on any given day.

Drunk Driving Facts

  • The Center for Disease Control reports that there are three groups that are particularly at risk for driving under the influence: repeat offenders, young drivers and motorcyclists.
  • Nearly 50% of driver fatalities who tested positive for drugs also had a significant amount of alcohol in their system.
  • The Florida DMV’s website reminds drivers that our state has an “Implied Consent Law” that applies to Florida drivers. When drivers sign for their driver’s license at the DMV, they are agreeing to comply with an officer’s request for a breath, urine or blood test if they have been pulled over. Refusing to comply can result in suspended license.

Florida Drunk Driving Statistics

In 2011, Florida law enforcement officers issued over 55,000 tickets for driving under the influence, and there were more than 33,000 DUI convictions in the state that year. The Century Council reports that there 716 deaths caused by drunk driving accidents in 2011, accounting for about 30% of all traffic fatalities in the state.

National Drunk Driving Accident Statistics

The Center for Disease Control estimates that there are approximately 300,000 incidents of intoxicated driving every day in the United States. Although annual drunk driving fatalities have been cut in half since MADD was founded, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that approximately 28 people are killed every day in drunk driving accidents.

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