Florida Leads the Nation in Motorcycle Fatalities

Florida Leads the Nation in Motorcycle FatalitiesFlorida has consistently ranked among the most dangerous states for motorcyclists. According to a report from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA), there were 574 motorcycle accident fatalities in Florida in 2016. This places Florida as number 1 in the nation for motorcycle fatalities. Close to 20% of traffic fatalities in Florida are motorcyclists. But what is contributing to this high rate of motorcycle fatalities?

More Motorcyclists 

Florida has beautiful warm weather year-round which, coupled with miles of scenic highways, makes it the perfect place to ride a motorcycle. In 2016, more than 580,000 motorcycles were registered in Florida. Florida ranked second behind California for the most registered motorcycles. More motorcycles on the road mean more accidents.

Helmet Laws

Since the helmet law was repealed in 2000, motorcycle fatalities are on the rise. Florida now only requires motorcycle helmets for people under the age of 21. While many adult motorcyclists wear helmets anyway, there are many who choose not to. Helmet use is notably higher in states that require all riders to be helmeted. Motorcycle helmets are found to be 37% effective in preventing accident fatalities. Head injury is common among motorcycle fatalities, and it has been shown consistently that helmet use decreases the incidence of traumatic brain injury.

Bad Drivers

Florida has some of the worst drivers in the nation. Distracted driving, reckless driving, and impaired driving are common throughout the state. The truth is that motorcyclists don’t stand a chance against bad drivers. Florida drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and share the road with motorcycles. Common causes of motorcycle accidents include head-on collisions, cars making left turns without watching for motorcycles, and lane splitting. Lane splitting occurs when a motorcycle drives between two lanes of a road when cars are stopped or driving slowly. While lane splitting is not legal in Florida, it does happen, and drivers need to be aware of it.

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