Hillsborough County Car Accident Statistics

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. August 19, 2014

Hillsborough County Accidents Overview

Getting from point A to point B safely can be a challenge in Florida, particularly in our area.

According to some recent statistics from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, there were some 17,480 motor vehicle accidents in Hillsborough County in 2010 alone. Thankfully, this represents a downward trend from a peak in total annual car accidents of 23,971 in 2006.

Hillsborough County Accidents

Tampa has the most car accidents in the county

According to the Florida DMV, Tampa came in 3rd in 2009 when it came to total car accidents per city in Florida that year, behind only Jacksonville and Miami.

6,788 traffic accidents were reported in Tampa in that year, which was more than occurred in either St Petersburg or Orlando. Alcohol played a role in about 7 percent of the Tampa traffic accidents.

Additional Crash Data Hillsborough County car accidents

The Florida DMV also offers some specific data on the different types of crashes that have been reported in Hillsborough County. Although this data is from 2004, it provides some insights as to some of the most common accidents in our area.

Alcohol played a role in 1,976 of the total 21,722 Hillsborough County car accidents that were reported in 2004. These accidents resulted in 1,432 alcohol related injuries and 1,976 alcohol-related fatalities. 514 pedestrians and 401 bicyclists were injured out of the total 18,408 traffic-related injuries that year.

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