Hillsborough County Traffic Accident Stats – Updated

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. June 19, 2018

Hillsborough County has been the site of thousands of road accidents since the beginning of 2018. Understanding the statistics at play can help you to drive safely when navigating the county’s roads. When you’re aware of the number of accidents occurring in different circumstances, you can accurately protect yourself against those circumstances.

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Total Crashes in Hillsborough County

You can break down the accident statistics by the total number of automobile crashes there have been in the county since the beginning of the year. The total number of car crashes as of May 1, 2018 is 9,448. This means nearly ten thousand collisions and accidents have been reported, many of which could have been avoided.

There have been 204 pedestrian crashes since the beginning of the year. For the purpose of these statistics, a pedestrian is defined as a non-motorist who was not inside a vehicle at the time of the crash. Additionally, there have been 165 bicycle crashes.

Pedestrian and bicycle crashes are some of the most dangerous accidents that can occur on the road. If a pedestrian or bicyclist is hit by a vehicle, they do not have the same protection from the impact that a person in another vehicle does. Additionally, they’re at risk of becoming trapped beneath the vehicle or thrown out of the vehicle.

To keep yourself safe as a bicyclist, you should always make sure to wear your helmet. Ride with traffic rather than against it, and be sure to observe all traffic laws. To stay safe as a pedestrian, obey traffic laws. Walk with the flow of traffic and use sidewalks where they’re available. When there is no sidewalk, walk far from the shoulder of the road. Only cross the street in crosswalks, look both ways, and pay attention to traffic lights and walk signals where appropriate.

Hillsborough County Traffic Accident Statistics

Injuries and Fatalities in Automobile Accidents

Of the 9,448 total crashes since the beginning of the year, 4,285 resulted in injuries. The total number of injuries in automobile-related crashes as of May 1st is 6,576.

Breaking down these numbers, almost half of the reported crashes have involved injuries. In at least one-third of collisions, more than one person was injured, whether that person was the driver of a vehicle or a passenger. (See Types of Car Accidents)

To avoid being injured in an accident, you should make sure your car complies with all safety protocols. Have your brakes checked frequently. Always make sure that your tires have an appropriate amount of pressure and tread to avoid blowouts. You should adhere to the posted speed limit, and always be sure to slow down in hazardous weather conditions.

Fifty-five (55) of the currently reported crashes have resulted in fatalities. There have been 58 total traffic-related fatalities since the beginning of the year. This means most automobile crashes had only one fatality, but some have had more than one. Observe the rules of the road and basic safety guidelines to keep yourself and your automobile passengers safe when you drive.

Crashes Causing Property Damage

Of the 9,448 total reported crashes, 5,108 have caused some form of property damage. Oftentimes this is referring to the damage done to the vehicles themselves. Sometimes, however, vehicles cause property damage to buildings or road signs. Again, you can avoid this by paying attention to the rules of the road.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Fatalities

All fatalities on the road are tragic. Pedestrians and bicyclists are more vulnerable in an accident than motorists. This is reflected in the statistics regarding their collisions.

Of the 204 pedestrian-involved collisions since the beginning of the year, there were 14 fatalities. That’s a fatality rate of more than 5%. (Conversely, the automobile fatality rate is less than 0.7%.) Of the 165 bicycle crashes, there have been 5 fatalities for a percentage of 3%.

The statistics prove that pedestrians are the most vulnerable people on the road at any given time. Bicyclists are a close second. Because pedestrians often aren’t wearing helmets, they’re more susceptible to head trauma. They’re also more likely to become pinned underneath a car.

Commercial Vehicle Collisions

Of the 9,448 total crashes since the start of the year, 1,004 of them involved commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles are defined as vehicles which carry goods or passengers paying fares. Taxis and professional trucks both fall under this umbrella. There aren’t currently statistics breaking down commercial vehicle crashes by their use.

Many of the vehicles on the road are commercial vehicles, but commercial vehicles make up a comparatively small percentage of overall collisions. This may be partly due to the extra training that the drivers of commercial vehicles receive. They are subject to more rules and regulations than average motorists.

If you obey all traffic laws, you’ll greatly reduce your risk of a collision. Vigilance and defensive driving are your greatest allies when staying safe on the road.

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