Average Settlement for Pedestrian Hit By Car in Florida

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I Was Hit by a Car How Much Money Will I Get?

If you or a loved one was struck by a car while you were on foot, you may have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries and other damages.

To maximize your compensation, you must prove the driver’s negligence and thoroughly document all your economic and non-economic damages. An experienced Tampa pedestrian accident lawyer can help.

pedestrian hit by car compensation

Your attorney can build a persuasive case and fight to get you the maximum compensation possible. With your lawyer handling every aspect of your case, you can focus on healing and getting back to work.



What Are the Most Common Causes of Florida Pedestrian Accidents?

Although pedestrians can cause or contribute to an accident, motorists’ negligence is the most common cause of pedestrian accidents in Florida.

At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, our personal injury lawyers frequently assist accident victims who suffered injuries due to:

  • Distracted driving,
  • Impaired driving,
  • Speeding,
  • Failure to yield,
  • Failure to stop,
  • Aggressive driving, and
  • Failure to obey traffic control signals.

In some cases, motorists strike pedestrians due to other factors such as poor visibility or obstructed views. In these instances, a third party might have contributed to your accident and injuries.



I Was Hit by a Car: How Much Money Will I Get?

If you were a pedestrian hit by a vehicle, compensation can help ensure you get the treatment and resources you need to get your life back on track. It’s natural that you might wonder what your claim value could be worth. To determine what your case value might be, consult a pedestrian accident attorney for a consultation and case analysis. You may be eligible to recover compensation for:

  • Medical bills,
  • Lost income and benefits,
  • Pain and suffering, and
  • Emotional trauma.

An attorney can also pursue compensation for any future treatment you need as well as any expected income losses. You could recover compensation for disfigurement, scarring, or disability you suffered as well as diminished earning capacity and diminished quality of life.


Featured case result: Client Who Suffered Leg and Neck Injuries

This unfortunate accident occurred in Madeira Beach, Florida at around 7 p.m. Our clients were walking to their car following dinner that night. As they were crossing a street in a marked crosswalk, they were both struck by a vehicle headed north.

The case was difficult because the police officer found that our clients had run into the road while the driver had the right of way. Our clients denied running and stated that they had the right of way at the time they began crossing the street. We were able to show that our clients had crossed six lanes of traffic prior to being struck by the vehicle.

One of our clients suffered a fractured sternum as well as a fibular fracture in her lower leg. She also sustained herniated discs in her neck and lower back and a torn meniscus in her right knee. Her partner broke his ankle badly and required a surgery known as an open reduction and internal fixation to repair the fracture.

We were able to convince the insurance company (for the driver of the vehicle that struck them) that their driver had liability for the accident since our clients should have been visible to her as they crossed the road…and thus should have avoided the accident. As a result, the company paid its limit of liability insurance to each of our clients.


What Is the Average Settlement for an Injury?

How much should I settle for getting hit by a car?

Being struck by a car can leave pedestrian victims with injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to traumatic brain injury—and everything in between.

The severity of your injuries can be affected by factors such as the vehicle’s speed, the size and type of the vehicle, and the surroundings where the incident took place.

Other factors that can affect the value of your claim are the severity of your injuries and how they will affect your life.

Life-threatening and permanent injuries are typically valued more highly than injuries from which the victim fully recovers. If the victim’s actions contributed in any way to the accident, that could potentially affect the claim’s value as well.

These and other variables make it impossible to determine an average settlement value for a pedestrian hit by a car. Discussing the details of your case with a knowledgeable attorney will provide you with the potential settlement value you might stand to recover.



What Duties Do Motorists Have to Pedestrians?

Motorists have a duty to act reasonably to protect others from harm. This duty extends to other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. This means that drivers must pay attention behind the wheel, avoid driving when tired or impaired, and obey traffic laws and posted signage.

When a driver behaves recklessly or is negligent, they fail to uphold their duty of care. If a driver’s negligence causes an accident, he or she is liable for any resulting damages suffered by the victim or victims.



What Rights and Duties Do Pedestrians Have?

Anyone who walks in the vicinity of vehicle traffic has the right to basic safety. For example, a pedestrian walking along the sidewalk should not have to worry about a distracted driver swerving, hopping the curb, and hitting them with their car. If a pedestrian observes the law and acts reasonably, they have the right not to be harmed.

Pedestrians also have a duty to act with reasonable care to avoid being hit by a car. If someone fails to act reasonably and gets hit as a result, they may contribute to any resulting accident and subsequent injuries.

Some examples of exercising reasonable care include using crosswalks, crossing only when the “walk” indicator is present, and not darting out between parked cars into the street.

However, even if you were partially to blame for being hit by a motorist, you still have rights. A pedestrian injury lawyer can help you understand your rights and help you pursue justice.



What Evidence Is Most Critical in a Case Involving Pedestrians Hit by a Car?

To recover a settlement, you must demonstrate how the at-fault party’s negligence resulted in your actual damages. To build a persuasive case, personal injury lawyers gather evidence to prove fault and liability.

This might include:

  • Police reports,
  • Witness statements,
  • Accident scene photos,
  • Physical evidence (e.g., torn or blood clothes),
  • Expert opinions, and
  • Accident reconstruction.

To maximize the amount of your claim, your attorney will also identify and document your damages.

The evidence used to document the economic damage portion of your claim might include:

  • Physician and surgeon bills,
  • Hospital bills,
  • Wage statements,
  • Tax returns, and
  • Receipts for out-of-pocket expenses.

Documenting your non-economic damages poses a more significant challenge. To support your claim for pain and suffering, lost earning capacity, lost life enjoyment, etc., your lawyer might call on the opinions and testimony of subject matter experts.

For example, medical experts can testify regarding the amount of pain and suffering you experienced as a result of being struck by a car. Economic experts can provide opinions about your future earning capacity before and after your accident. Vocational experts can provide opinions on how your injuries affect your ability to perform your job duties and what types of special accommodations you might require.

Consider talking to a pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible after being hit. The sooner your attorney can begin collecting evidence in your case, the better.



What Are Some Examples of Pedestrian Collision Settlements That Abrahamson & Uiterwyk Have Achieved?

Over the past three decades, the experienced personal injury lawyers of Abrahamson & Uiterwyk have assisted more than 20,000 clients, recovering more than $800 million in compensation.

We are proud to stand up for the rights of the wrongly injured and our past achievements are a testament to our tenacity. These are some highlights of how we have helped our clients in the past.

  • $6,100,000 settlement for a pedestrian accident
  • $500,000 settlement for a pedestrian hit by a car

Because every client is unique, these results may not indicate the outcome of your case. However, our past settlements and verdicts demonstrate our commitment to helping our clients recover fair financial compensation for their losses.


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