Kids and Young Adults Distracted by Devices Increasingly at Risk for Pedestrian Accidents

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. November 19, 2013

distracted pedestrian accidentsGlobal organization Safe Kids Worldwide, an organization working to reduce injuries suffered by children, has released some revealing results from a recent study.

According to the organization, a 2012 report revealed pedestrian injuries involving 16 to 19 year olds have increased by 25 percent during the last five years. Furthermore, teenagers within this age group account for half of all pedestrian deaths involving individuals under the age of 19.

What does the Safe Kids Worldwide study reveal?

According to the study’s findings, young individuals walking to school are in danger of injury or death due to distraction. Children, who use ear buds, constantly look down at a mobile device or text while walking are at an increased risk of death or injury while walking to and from school or to and from other destinations.

The president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide has the following to say about the findings:

“Distraction is a big problem, both while driving and walking. Parents need to talk to kids to ensure they are paying full attention when crossing the street. We adults need to follow our own advice and put our devices down as well. This will make kids more likely to do the same.”

Other facts revealed in the Safe Kids Worldwide study:

  • The pedestrian death rate is 1.8 times higher for boys than for girls. However, girls are more likely to be distracted while walking

  • Teens who are distracted are usually texting or wearing headphones.

  • One in eight middle school students and one in five high school age students were observed crossing a street while distracted.

  • Older teens account for half of all pedestrian deaths among individuals 19 years of age and younger.

  • Around 78 percent of teens assume the most at-risk age group regarding pedestrian deaths or injuries is a group other than their own.

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