Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Florida is among the top five states with the most motorcycle accidents per year with 459 total motorcycle deaths in 2016 alone.  Florida roads are heavily populated, and this leads to a greater number of accidents. Being in a motorcycle accident can cause devastating, life-altering injuries and riding a motorcycle presents unique dangers.

Motorcycles are More Dangerous than Cars

There are very real risks involved in riding a motorcycle because you are not protected the way you would be inside a car or a truck. Motorcycles have few safety features aimed at protecting riders who are involved in an accident. A small piece of debris in the road can lead to a dangerous situation for motorcycle riders. Motorcycles are far more dangerous than cars, especially in Florida, because:

  • Motorcycles lack the visibility of a car due to their small size. It’s more difficult for other motorists to see a motorcycle and this can result in vehicle drivers swerving into motorcycles, cutting them off, failing to yield the right of way, and following motorcycles too closely.
  • Motorcycles are much smaller and lighter than cars, and even a slight impact can cause devastating damage.
  • Florida doesn’t require motorcycle helmets for adults over 21 years old who can show proof of insurance. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet can be deadly.
  • Because they aren’t on four wheels, motorcycles are not as stable on the road as cars and trucks.
  • Motorcyclists are exposed to direct impact between their bodies and the ground.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Just as in any motor vehicle crash, many factors can cause a motorcycle accident:

  • Driver distraction
  • Driver impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Reckless or negligent driving
  • Debris on the roadway
  • Defective or dangerous roadways
  • Potholes and other road hazards
  • Defective motorcycle parts

Potential Injuries

Because of the lack of protection, a rider receives on a motorcycle, serious bodily injuries can result from a crash, including:

  • Road rash—when a rider slides across the pavement and sustains abrasions to the skin
  • Head injuries—Florida riders aren’t required to wear a helmet, and even if they do a helmet may not prevent all injuries.
  • Spinal cord injuries—collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles can lead to compressed nerves and serious spinal cord damage.
  • Fractures—motorcycle riders are not protected by doors and windows. Therefore, even a minor crash can result in fractures.
  • Wrongful death—according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists account for 14% of all traffic fatalities.

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