Causes of Motorcycle Injuries

motorcycle rider

Motorcycle accidents are an unfortunately common occurrence. The risk posed by riding without the protection of a car’s safety features often proves fatal in the event of an accident.

Roadways are hazardous for even the safest of vehicles, and motorcycle accidents can result from an extensive variety of factors.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Single Vehicle Accident Statistics

  • 25% of motorcycle accidents involve only the motorcyclist
  • 2/3 of single vehicle accidents are the result of rider error
  • Curve slideout is the most common of these accidents
  • Over-braking, too-wide turns, under-cornering, and excessive speed are the predominant causes of slideouts
  • Speeding is a common denominator in the majority of single vehicle accidents

Multiple Vehicle Accident Statistics

  • 75% of motorcycle accidents involve collision with a passenger vehicle
  • Of those, the primary cause of collision was the vehicle driver’s inability to spot and recognize the motorcyclist
  • 2/3 of motorcycle/vehicle collisions are the vehicle driver’s fault
  • Speeding is a common denominator in the majority of multiple vehicle accidents

General Accident Statistics

  1. Less than 3% of motorcycle accidents are due to mechanical failure
  2. 29% of motorcycle fatalities involved riders with a BAC above .08
  3. In 2005, 1 out of every 3 motorcycle accident involved DUI
  4. Speeding is a common denominator in the majority of motorcycle accidents

To summarize these statistics, in the event of an accident, speeding and alcohol consumption are the most common error on the rider’s part, while lack of recognition is the most common problem on the driver’s part.

Motorcycle accidents could be drastically reduced if riders stayed near the speed limit and drivers paid closer attention to surrounding traffic on the road.

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