Florida Motorcycle Statistics & Facts

motorcycle-stats-factsSafety should always be the number one priority when riding a motorcycle. As fun as the experience may be, it’s not worth taking serious health risks that could be otherwise avoided.

Fortunately, there are a number of protective measures that can be implemented to minimize risk while enjoying the experience of riding a motorcycle.

  • Always wear a legal, DOT approved helmet when riding
  • Never ride a motorcycle after consuming any amount of alcohol
  • Wear thick, protective clothing, preferably with padding
  • Wear bright colors and reflective materials to make yourself more visible
  • Keep a 360 degree buffer space between you and adjacent vehicles
  • Don’t ever speed
  • Slow down when taking turns and when navigating slippery or uneven surfaces

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Florida Motorcycle Statistics: Head Injuries & Helmet Protection

While motorcyclists are vulnerable to a wide variety of injuries, the most fatal are injuries to the head. Several states have repealed helmet laws with drastic results. The statistics don’t lie:

  • In 2009, 44% of all motorcyclists who died in road accidents were not wearing a helmet.
  • In Louisiana, motorcycle fatalities increased 108% when the helmet laws were repealed.
  • In 2008, the NHTSA concluded that over 1,800 lives were saved thanks to helmet use and over 800 fatalities could have been avoided if helmets had been worn.

Facts Motorists Should Know About Motorcyclists

  • Around half of all motorcycle accidents are the result of a driver error on the part of an adjacent motorist.
  • Motorcycles can fit very easily into a car’s blind spots.
  • Due to the single headlight, it is very difficult to judge a motorcyclists speed, particularly at night
  • Many bikers slow by rolling off the throttle, thus not engaging the brake lights
  • Most motorcycle turn signals are not self-canceling and many riders forget to disengage them

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