Road Hazards and Motorcycle Accidents

Road Hazards and Motorcycle Accidents

Even the most careful and experienced motorcycle rider can be injured by a negligent driver or an unsafe roadway. Road hazards are a common cause of motorcycle accidents. Hazards on the road that would be no problem for a car to overcome can be deadly for a motorcyclist. Some common road hazards that lead to motorcycle accidents include:

Gravel on the Road

Gravel left by road construction can cause motorcycle wheels to lose traction which can lead to the bike sliding out from under the rider. Gravel is especially dangerous on curves where a rider is forced to lean to the side.

Slick Surfaces

Slick roadways can cause a motorcycle to hydroplane. When water meets oil on the road, it can become even more dangerous. The risk of hydroplaning is more dangerous with a motorcycle than with a car because a motorcycle only has two wheels. Other situations such as wet leaves, painted surfaces, and spilled oil can also lead to a roadway being too slick for a motorcycle.

Unmaintained Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are pieces of metal that connect sections of the road together. These joints allow concrete to expand without cracking. However, if expansion joints are out of place and not properly maintained, they can become a dangerous road hazard that can lead to a motorcycle flipping over.

Uneven Pavement

Uneven pavement caused by road construction or poor maintenance can become a serious road hazard for a motorcycle. Hitting the edge of uneven pavement can cause a motorcycle to lose control and hit the ground. 

Debris or Objects in the Road

Debris or objects such as worn tire treads, items such as furniture or equipment that have fallen off of trucks, and loose rocks can be more likely to cause a motorcycle to crash than a car. In addition, these objects can also fly into the air and hit a motorcyclist. 

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