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Taking Care of Your Mental Health After an Accident

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Erik Abrahamson
March 12, 2019
March 12, 2019 | Personal Injury
Taking Care of Your Mental Health After an Accident

Thousands of car accidents happen every day and while most of these accidents aren’t fatal, being involved in even a minor accident can cause long-term anxiety and fears about driving or riding in a car. A car accident not only affects your physical health, but it can have a lasting impact on your mental health as well. While you seek medical treatment for your physical injuries, many car accident victims push their psychological health aside and don’t get the care they need. This is understandable because the journey toward physical recovery can be a long one, but it’s just as important to take of your mental health after an accident.

Depression and Anxiety

Car accident victims frequently find themselves suffering from some form of depression or anxiety after their accident. Many victims are facing a life that looks different now that they’ve been injured. If you are experiencing troubling emotions that are affecting your everyday life, it is important that you seek the help of a doctor or a counselor. You may be suffering from the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You should seek the help of a professional if you find that you have:

  • Increased anxiety 
  • Irritability or anger
  • Recurring nightmares about the accident
  • Unmanageable fear of driving or riding in a car
  • Difficulty eating or sleeping
  • Increased use of alcohol or drugs to cope
  • Thoughts of harming yourself

Don’t ignore your psychological symptoms. It is important to address your mental health challenges because it can also affect your physical recovery.


In addition to seeking professional help, there are also things you can do to help reduce your depression and anxiety. Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally is essential when recovering from a car accident. Some things you can do for yourself include:

  • Practice yoga—yoga has been found to have a profound effect on reducing depression and anxiety.
  • Practice mindfulness—bringing your attention to the present moment can help you clear your head. Practicing meditation has been shown to help people manage their thoughts and feelings.
  • Spend time with others—even if you don’t feel like talking, it can be comforting to know you’re not alone.
  • Do things that feel good to you like taking a bath, spending time with friends and family, or giving yourself a special treat
  • Give yourself permission to cry, rage, and express your feelings when you need to

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