Types of Slip and Fall Injuries – Part 2

In part 2 of this slip and fall injury article series, our slip and fall lawyers discuss the injury types of soft tissue damage, and abrasions and cuts. To learn more about how we can help you with your Slip and fall case please see this link, as well as part 1 of this series: Types of Slip and Fall Injuries – Part 1

  • Soft Tissue Injury rehabilitationSoft Tissue Injuries: These types of injuries can be the hardest to detect since the symptoms that result can take days or even weeks to appear. Soft tissue injuries can affect anything from the ankle or wrist to the tendons and ligaments throughout your body, causing a loss of functionality in your appendages. If not treated immediately, these injuries are oftentimes very painful as well, and can even make you more prone to future injuries. Like with head injuries, early detection is the key here, both to verify the accident for litigation purposes as well as provide appropriate treatment.
  • Abrasions, Cuts, and Damage to the Skin: Because these types of injuries appear on the surface, they generally look more serious than other types of injuries on this list, but the treatment is usually less extensive. If the injury is truly superficial, only light stitches or bandages may be necessary, but be sure to check with a medical professional to see if the cut reflects a more serious issue underneath, such as a concussion or broken bone.

While the majority of these injuries can happen as a result of patronizing a business or visiting an establishment, they can also happen on-the-job or at work sites. If so, it’s important to know your rights regarding worker’s compensation benefits, which are designed to compensate the employee no matter who is technically at fault. Workers’ compensation claims can be quite difficult, however, as they often require the employee to see a doctor chosen by their employer, as well as file paperwork under strict deadlines. In these cases, it’s best to speak to an attorney who has experience handling workers’ compensation claims to take full advantage of your benefits.

Aside from the excruciating pain that accompanies most slip and fall accidents, the side effects can also be quite severe. For instance, someone who suffers from a severe slip and fall accident will usually require some type of medical care for a long time afterward, possibly even for the rest of their life, ranging from simple therapy to possibly even full-time assistance. The victim could also be out of work for an extended period of time, resulting in a loss of income. Furthermore, the emotional struggles can be hard to overcome as well, such as sleep loss, fear, anxiety, depression, humiliation, and a whole host of other afflictions. For these reasons, and more, it’s vital to document your injury as much as possible to prove your claim.

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