Avoid Distracted Driving Accidents by Not Eating While Driving

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. May 15, 2013

When most of us think of distracted driving, we think of talking on cell phones and texting. As the use of mobile devices become more ingrained in our daily lives, distracted driving has become an increasingly dangerous problem on our nation’s roadways.

These devices are not, however, the only types of distractions that contribute to disaster behind the wheel.

Eating Behind the Wheel Equals Distracted Driving

Many people who decry texting while driving think nothing of eating behind the wheel. In today’s go-go-go society, time is at a premium. People on the run going from meeting to meeting or soccer game to hockey practice do not think they have the time to stop and eat.

However, when both hands are not at the two and 10 positions on the wheel and both eyes are not focused exclusively on driving, eating drivers become almost as much of a menace as the texters.

Facts and Figures about Eating and Driving

Some people even eat full-course meals behind the wheel! A recent British survey found that motorists have eaten everything from Chinese noodles to lobster while driving. Fifteen percent of those surveyed admitting to being involved in an accident or near miss.

What is the Most Dangerous Food?

Coffee is the most dangerous because it is extremely hot. Two-thirds of those surveyed admitted drinking coffee or eating while driving. In fact, eight percent admitted to doing it between five and 10 times a week.

A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study showed that, in the United States, eating while driving created a condition where an accident was 80 percent more likely than if the driver were not eating.

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