Our firm receives many referrals from local attorneys in Florida as well as attorneys from across the nation. In fact, we have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in referral fees to attorneys on personal injury cases. We would enjoy the opportunity to help your client, work with you, and to pay you a substantial referral fee.

Attorney Referral Fee

We are ethical and transparent. Referral fees are paid in full compliance with Florida Bar rules. These referral fees are paid as a percentage of the contingency fee that we receive at the conclusion of the client’s injury case. The agreement to pay referral fees is documented in writing and agreed to by our mutual client and by both firms.

Our nearby firm has a reputation of pushing insurance companies to settle legitimate claims quickly and fairly. If insurance companies do not compensate our clients fairly, we are prepared to litigate and take the cases to trial.

Our Team

We have multiply board certified civil trial attorneys on our litigation team. For decades, our injury law team has battled the nation’s largest insurance companies and corporations. It would be our honor to work with you to get our mutual client the maximum compensation possible…and to get you the best referral fee possible.

Percentage of Personal Injury Referral Fee

In terms of what percentage of the fee we pay to the referring attorney, the Florida Bar prohibits any fee in excess of 25% to the referring attorney, without court approval. Any fee above 25% would require substantial involvement in the case from the referring attorney and court approval. Accordingly, typically our firm pays the referring attorney 25%, which is the maximum allowed, without obtaining separate court approval.

Contact Us About Lawyer Referrals

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together for the benefit of our mutual clients. If you’re an attorney seeking assistance with personal injury cases, look no further. Our firm values partnerships and operates with transparency and integrity. We have a proven track record of securing fair compensation for our clients and are prepared to litigate if necessary.