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Holiday, Florida, in Pasco County, offers scenic spots like Anclote Key Preserve State Park and Anclote River Park, along with nearby attractions such as Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks. With Gulf Coast beaches and water sports, it’s a serene destination for outdoor enthusiasts and relaxation seekers alike. Should any legal matters arise during your explorations, you may need a Holiday Personal Injury lawyer to assist you.
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It is disheartening for us to witness unfortunate events affecting good individuals. Sadly, these occurrences are all too common. In the aftermath of a significant accident, the impact goes beyond experiencing physical pain and shock. Medical expenses pile up on a daily basis, even for those too weakened to leave their hospital beds.

Moreover, an extended absence from work can deplete precious sick leave days. Therefore, there needs to be an assurance of job security upon recovery. Seeking compensation is essential when someone’s negligence has caused you harm. However, navigating the process can be incredibly frustrating, particularly when insurance companies adopt evasive or dismissive tactics, exploiting the vulnerability they perceive in your weakened state.

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At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, we approach holding those responsible for compensating our injured clients with unwavering determination. Our expertise is providing prompt and resolute representation for individuals facing injuries, striving to secure comprehensive compensation for all physical and emotional damages swiftly. While many cases are resolved through negotiation, we are prepared to pursue legal action if met with resistance.

With a combined century of legal experience and a history of serving 20,000 past personal injury clients, we have adeptly navigated countless deceptive tactics used by defendants and insurance companies. Setting ourselves apart from other firms, our exclusive focus on personal injury law enables our team of seasoned professionals to collaborate seamlessly, maximizing your chances of a favorable resolution, whether through negotiation or litigation.


Actual Injury Cases We Have Helped Our Clients With

Holiday, FL Personal Injury Case Types We Handle Near You

Car Accidents: In 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the most significant rise in road accident fatalities in 50 years. Approximately 40,000 lives were lost during that period, a number substantial enough to fill a small football stadium. Florida holds the rank of fourth in the nation for per-capita traffic accident death risk, with an alarming 50 times as many individuals sustaining injuries each year. Our commitment is to assist you in the process of rebuilding and reclaiming your life in the aftermath of such impactful events.

Drunken Driving Accidents: If you’ve been injured by a driver operating under the influence, it’s crucial to understand that this goes beyond simple negligence, and you have a right to compensation. However, determining the exact amount of compensation can be challenging. In certain situations, you may even be able to seek damages from the establishment, such as a bar or nightclub, that provided alcohol to the responsible driver.

Bicycle Accidents:  A bicycle isn’t just a child’s plaything; it’s likely the most vulnerable vehicle on the road, even more so than a motorcycle. Often, motorists regard bicyclists as the “second-class citizens” of the road, sometimes not noticing them at all. Regrettably, an incident that might be considered a minor “fender bender” between two cars can turn into a catastrophic event when it involves a collision between a car and a bicycle.

Brain Injuries: Brain injuries are typically severe, leaving individuals disabled and unable to engage in their day-to-day activities. Moreover, a significant brain injury resulting from an auto accident, for instance, may not become apparent for weeks or even months after the incident. In such cases, connecting the disability to the responsible party might be challenging. Our assistance is aimed at helping you trace the origin of your injury accurately.

Product Liability: When it comes to injuries caused by defective products, a mere refund of the purchase price, such as for a malfunctioning airbag, falls short of addressing the true impact. Fortunately, Florida product liability law offers multiple avenues to pursue compensation for such injuries. However, winning product liability cases can be challenging, particularly when dealing with intricate technical issues.

Birth Injuries: Birth injuries are more common than one might think, and under certain circumstances, linking the injury to medical malpractice can be challenging. Despite the difficulty, justice demands that healthcare providers be held financially accountable when professional negligence results in injuries with lifelong consequences and the need for long-term medical treatment.

Construction Accidents: Construction work stands among the most hazardous occupations. While the workers’ compensation system is designed to provide compensation for occupational injuries regardless of fault, accidents are outside the scope of this program’s workers’ compensation program. Our guidance ensures you navigate the resolution process for both types of claims, ensuring you receive full compensation for your injuries.

Pedestrian Accidents: Pedestrian accidents are a significant concern, accounting for about 15 percent of Florida road accident injuries and fatalities, with a concerning upward trend. These accidents, especially tragic as they tend to be serious or fatal, disproportionately affect small children. We are committed to fighting for your right to full compensation under Florida personal injury law.

We also handle the following types of cases:

If your injury falls outside the categories mentioned above, rest assured that we are available to help and can proficiently manage almost any type of personal injury claim.

Examples of Car Accident Settlements from Abrahamson & Uiterwyk

If you are wondering what is the average settlement for a car accident in Florida, take a look at some of our recent 2023 car accident settlement examples as well as some from previous years.

At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, we have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients involved in auto accident lawsuits. Here are several recent auto accident settlement payouts we have achieved for our Florida clients.

$400,000 for Neck and Back Injury in Florida – 2021 Car Accident Settlement Amount

Our client and his spouse were in a vehicle, traveling on a road in the same direction as the defendant’s vehicle, when the defendant pulled off onto the shoulder of the road and made an illegal U-Turn in front of our clients’ vehicle.

Both of our clients suffered injuries to their neck and lower back. The MRIs of the neck and lower back revealed multiple herniated discs. The husband was involved in a motor vehicle accident several years before this accident which resulted in herniated discs to his lower back. The new MRI revealed he sustained an aggravation of his previous lower back injuries.



Our clients treated conservatively for neck and back pain with multiple injections. The husband’s conservative treatment failed. The surgeon recommended that the husband submit to a lower back surgery to alleviate his lower back pain and radiating symptoms caused by the aggravation to his pre-existing lower back injuries from the prior accident. The husband submitted to the lower back surgery and it was a success.

The wife suffered from intermittent and occasional neck and lower back pain after conservative treatment.

The defendant’s insurance company merely offered the husband and wife, 40,000 & 70,000 respectively to settle their claims pre-suit.

Suit was filed and the case progressed through the litigation process to a mediation. At the mediation the defendant’s insurance company offered 60,000 to the husband and did not increase their offer to settle the wife’s claim. Those offers were rejected, and the case was set for trial.

Two months before trial the defendant’s insurance company accepted the formal demands to settle the wife’s case for 150,000 and to settle the husband’s case for the full policy limits of 250,000 for a full and final combined settlement of 400,000.

Recent 2023/$150,000/Car Accident

Our client, who was 34 years old at the time of his accident and worked for an excavation company, was traveling south on Tamiami Trail on July 19, 2022. At that time, the defendant negligently turned directly into the path and collided with our client’s vehicle. The defendant was cited by the police for improper change of lane/pulling out in front of a vehicle.

Shortly after the accident, our client began experiencing pain primarily in his neck and right shoulder and sought treatment at a nearby clinic. After a course of therapy, he underwent an MRI scan of the shoulder which revealed inflammation and bursitis and was also suspicious for a tendon tear. Due to the continued pain, our client was referred to an orthopedic surgeon who recommended a procedure known as an arthroscopy to relieve the impingement in his shoulder. Our client opted for the surgery, and it was successful in relieving his pain.

We prepared a comprehensive demand package seeking compensation for our client from the defendant’s insurance company. The company fought us by arguing, among other things, that the side-to-side impact in the accident would not have resulted in a shoulder injury. We responded by pointing to the fact that our client had no history of prior shoulder problems and that his pain began right after the accident. Ultimately, through negotiation, we were able to convince the insurer to pay our client $150,000.00. We felt this was a solid result in the case, and our client was very satisfied with the outcome and with our representation.

2023/$160,000/Car Accident

Our client, a 73-year-old realtor, was involved in a significant rear-end collision on Valrico Rd. in Hillsborough County, FL. The defendant was found to have operated his vehicle in a negligent or careless manner by the police.

Immediately after the accident, our client began experiencing back pain as well as chest discomfort. He was taken to the hospital where he was found to have suffered a lung contusion among other injuries. As a veteran, our client followed up initially with his primary care doctor at the VA. He was prescribed medication and told the symptoms would likely improve with time. The pain in his back, however, continued and intensified over the next few months causing him to seek treatment and our representation. After an MRI scan showed herniated discs in his mid-back, our client came under the care of an orthopedic surgeon who recommended injection therapy including a procedure called radiofrequency ablation. This process, which our client underwent, involves heating of the spinal nerves to block the pain signals coming from the joints in the back.

After our client’s procedure, we presented a claim for compensation to the defendant’s insurance company. The company argued that the findings on the MRI scan were degenerative changes that were not caused by the accident. They also asserted that our client had very little treatment in the four-month period right after the accident. We negotiated hard and exchanged multiple demands and offers with the company. In the end, we were able to obtain a settlement of $160,000.00 for our client.



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Personal Injury FAQs

Probably. In Florida, minors (under 18) are not allowed to file a lawsuit or enter into a binding contract. Usually, parents can file a lawsuit on behalf of their minor child. However, if the parent is unavailable, the court may appoint a third party, like an attorney, to file the lawsuit for the child. You can also settle a claim out of court on behalf of your child, but you’ll need the court’s approval for any settlement with a gross value of $20,000 or more.

It is impossible to provide a precise answer to your question without knowing more about the specific details of your case. While cases typically take between one to two years to resolve, individual outcomes can vary significantly. If a lawsuit is filed, the case is likely to take longer to resolve. If your injuries are severe, it may be difficult to calculate your medical expenses until you have reached “maximum medical improvement” which is the point at which you are not expected to improve any further. As a result, the resolution of your case may be delayed while you recover.

It is important to keep in mind that when dealing with an insurance company, you should always seek the approval of your lawyer. If you are presented with a settlement agreement, it may be a good idea to have your lawyer participate in the drafting process. Remember that insurance companies are not your friends, even if it is your own insurance company. They are your adversary because you are asking them for money, and they are trying to maximize their own profits by minimizing payouts. Therefore, you should never sign anything presented to you by an insurance company, and never give a recorded statement without your lawyer’s prior approval.

A letter of protection is a legal document that ensures that if you receive a settlement or compensation from a lawsuit, your healthcare provider will be paid before you receive any money. This document is designed to protect you from any collection activity, such as being sued for unpaid medical bills, until your claim is resolved.

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