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When you’ve been in an accident with an 18-wheeler or other large commercial truck in Florida – the outcome for your small passenger car, truck or SUV is usually not very good. You and your passengers may not fare well either due to the momentum caused by the size and speed of that 18-wheeler.

The hauler’s insurance company is going to immediately make you an offer to settle the matter quickly and relatively inexpensively (to them.) Your job is to ensure you and your passengers’ needs are taken care of and the expenses accrued and likely to accrue are also covered.

Never make an agreement with a commercial insurer like this without first talking to an injury and accident attorney.

We have attorneys across the west-central coast of Florida ready to listen to the details of your case and make an evaluation. Our lawyers work on a contingency basis – this means if you don’t win – we don’t get paid.

Tips for hiring a Florida truck accident attorney

Interview questions to help you hire a highly experienced Florida commercial truck accident attorney to handle your injury claim.

If you were severely injured in an accident with a commercial truck, you deserve compensation for your injuries, lost income, and other damages, even if you have pre-existing injuries.

how to find an experienced truck accident lawyer in Florida

An experienced Florida trucking accident law firm can help you get the compensation you deserve.

However, taking on the commercial trucking industry requires knowledge, experience, and the ability to pursue justice aggressively. So how do you find the right law firm and law firm to handle your Florida 18-wheeler accident case?


ask the truck accident attorney about their specific experience handling cases like yours

Commercial truck accident cases pose a complex challenge, even for the most experienced personal injury law firms. Unless a law firm has extensive experience in this area of the law, you might not get the results you deserve.

Establishing fault and proving liability after an 18-wheeler or semi-truck accident requires extensive investigation. A law firm’s ability to uncover evidence and critical documentation can directly affect the outcome of your case. Don’t trust your future to anyone except a highly experienced Florida truck accident law firm.


ask the Florida truck accident lawyer for referrals from clients they have helped with cases like yours

Before choosing a Florida truck accident law firm to handle your case, ask them for referrals of past clients.

In today’s digital world, past clients have their voices heard through testimonials and online reviews. Check out what past clients have to say about any firm you’re considering. You can even go further and ask if the firm has any past trucking accident clients that would be willing to talk with you.

Law firms can’t reveal client contact information or case details, but sometimes, clients may be willing to share their experiences with you.


ask about the firm’s track record with truck accident cases

As important as it is for your law firm to have experience with trucking accident cases, it needs to prove the ability to get results.

Although past achievements won’t necessarily reflect on the potential outcome of your case, you need to know your firm knows how to get results. Law firms cannot reveal the details of most cases, but don’t hesitate to request general information about past case results. You want to see results in the form of both negotiated settlements and court verdicts. It’s important to see both in case your claim has to be decided in court.


ask if the law firm has experience taking Florida truck accident cases to trial

Because many trucking injury cases cannot be resolved through settlement negotiations with the insurance company, your truck accident law firm needs a solid track record in court.  

Most personal injury law firms prefer to settle their cases whenever possible, but they should still be comfortable going to trial when necessary. Taking any case to court requires litigation experience.

Taking a commercial trucking injury case to court requires direct experience in this type of litigation. Look for a firm that will not hesitate to file a civil lawsuit and fight for you in court.


ask the law firm if other attorneys refer Florida truck accident cases to them

Finding a truck accident law firm in Florida isn’t difficult. Our state is home to thousands of personal injury law firms. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of those law firms have actual truck accident case experience.

If a client approaches a law firm about taking their trucking injury case, law firms often refer those individuals to more experienced firms. Ask any potential law firm whether they get referrals from other firms for cases similar to yours.


ask yourself if you feel comfortable with the firm’s legal team

No matter how experienced a truck accident law firm might be—or how many cases they’ve won—you must be comfortable with them. Otherwise, that’s not the right law firm for you.

During your initial consultation, ask which members of the firm will work on your case. Ask to meet these team members and take a moment to talk to each one, if possible. Do they put you at ease? Do they answer your questions and provide knowledgeable answers?

If you feel you’ve been rushed or talked down to, reconsider selecting that firm. You need a law firm and legal team who inspire your confidence, put you at ease, and help you understand what’s going on with your case


ask the truck accident attorney what they believe your case is worth

See the average truck accident settlement in Florida. Every injury accident case is unique, and you can’t necessarily determine the potential value of your claim by searching online or using truck accident settlement calculators. Only an experienced law firm can provide a reasonable estimate of your potential truck accident settlement value.

Ask potential law firms what types of damages they will include in your claim. Ask them to estimate your claim’s value and how long it might take to get a settlement in-hand. Finally, ask how the law firm plans to document and support the value of your damages.

A well-documented claim will help maximize the value of your settlement. Being sure your law firm understands how to build your case will help you get the best possible results.


ask law firms how they plan to prove liability in your case

Demonstrating negligence and proving liability isn’t easy in any personal injury case. In a commercial truck accident case, establishing fault and proving liability is exponentially more challenging.

Do not hesitate to ask any firm you interview how they plan to prove liability in your case. Understand that until your law firm has a chance to investigate your case, they won’t have all the details available. But having a general idea of how they typically demonstrate these critical facts will help you make the right choice.


ask the law firm how they overcome challenges common to trucking accident cases

Law firms face multiple challenges when fighting for a commercial trucking accident victim. Ask potential law firms about the types of challenges they anticipate in your case and how they plan to overcome them.

The right Florida trucking accident firm for you is one who anticipates problems and takes a proactive stance. Learning about any potential challenges your claim might face will also benefit you. You will gain a better sense of timing and set realistic expectations for what you might encounter during the legal process.


ask truck accident attorneys what mistakes you should avoid making

You can quickly tank your own case if you aren’t extremely careful, especially in the hours and days immediately following the accident. An experienced attorney should answer this question with several important cautions.


You can (and should) provide the basic details of your accident to the police. Beyond that, however, avoid providing statements to anyone else. Be especially cautious of law firms and insurance company representatives related to the trucking company.

They want a statement from you because they can use anything you say to undermine your claim and reduce the amount of your potential settlement.


Another common strategy insurers use to undermine valid trucking accident injury claims is requesting copies of your medical bills and related documents. You have no obligation to provide any documents to the insurance company or their law firms.

When you submit a formal claim or file a lawsuit, that information will help support your case. By providing them in advance, you give the insurance company a decided advantage. They can use them in their fight to deny your claim or reduce your settlement value.


Trucking companies and their insurers recognize the potential value of a victim’s injury claim. To minimize their potential payout, they often rush to make a settlement offer as quickly as possible after the accident.

They hope you will fall for this ploy and accept a quick payout. Unfortunately, you may not understand yet the extent of your injuries or how they might affect your future. Once you agree to a settlement, you lose your right to pursue further damages.


Trucking companies have too much at stake when someone falls victim to their negligence. Valuable evidence sometimes mysteriously disappears. Witness memories fade, and the more time that passes, the less chance you have to build a strong case.

The sooner you talk to a law firm and get them started on your case, the better. The longer you wait to take legal action, the harder it might be for you to negotiate a fair settlement.

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We understand the complexity of commercial truck and 18-wheeler accident cases. Our team of law firms and legal professionals can go to work immediately, gathering evidence and building the strongest possible case on your behalf. We put our extensive network of resources to work, tackling even the most complex cases.

We offer a free consultation for Florida trucking accident victims to answer your questions and help you get started with the legal process. You pay no legal fees until we recover compensation for your case. We advocate for our clients, and we will fight to get you the best possible results.

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