5 Distracted Driving Myths that Simply Aren’t True

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. January 22, 2015

myths about distracted drivingThink you know everything there is to know about distracted driving? Check out these myths and we’ll see if that’s true:

Myth #1: It’s legal. Actually, in an attempt to cut down on accidents, more municipalities are making laws against doing anything other than driving while you’re, well, driving!

Myth #2: Everybody does it. Not so. Just because texting and driving accidents, for instance, are a prevalent problem doesn’t mean everyone engages in distracted driving behaviors. Be sure to take the proper precautions while on the road. This is not only to protect others, but you as well.

Myth #3: A couple of seconds won’t hurt. You don’t have to be distracted for several minutes to cause an accident. A fraction of a second is all it takes for terrible, avoidable crashes to cause severe injuries – or destroy lives.

Myth #4: You can safely multitask while driving. Despite the focus on multitasking in our present culture, many studies have shown that human beings are, in fact, very bad at it. Without your full concentration, you will likely perform simultaneous tasks poorly. And if there’s one task that demands and deserves your complete attention, it’s operating a 4,000-pound car.

Myth #5: You can’t be held liable in an accident. In many states, distracted driving is considered a form of reckless driving, which can be prosecuted. But another thing to bear in mind is that prosecution is just the criminal side of it. You can also have a civil lawsuit brought against you for any harm you cause. You may end up paying for damages, injuries, or even a wrongful death.

Make no mistake about it: distracted driving is a bad, bad idea. Don’t take the chance; put down your phone, makeup, or fast-food purchase and arrive at your destination safely.

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