Abrahamson & Uiterwyk Offered Law School Scholarship to Promote Diversity

At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, our attorneys recognize the value of diversity in the legal profession. However, according to research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 11.3% of practicing lawyers identify as Black or African American, Asian, or Hispanic or Latino. 

Abrahamson & Uiterwyk wants to encourage more people who identify as minorities to pursue a legal education. Therefore, we were proud to offer a $1,500 scholarship to a deserving law student. 

law school scholarship

Scholarship Overview

We asked students to submit an essay detailing how they would use their legal education to positively affect their community. Abrahamson & Uiterwyk awarded the winning student $1,500 to put toward their legal education.

Past Scholarship Recipients

View our past scholarship recipients:


Meet the Abrahamson & Uiterwyk Injury Law Attorneys

Erik Abrahamson

A system of hiring an attorney on an hourly basis rewards inefficiency, creates delays and commonly creates negative issues between the lawyer and the client. Representing clients on a contingency basis in which the law firm earns a percentage of the settlement, however, is much more rewarding for the client and the injury attorneys.

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Client Services Manager

Kelly Anne Kelly

As a Client Services Manager, Kelly’s focus is to enhance client satisfaction by continuously looking for ways to fulfill clients’ needs and concerns.