3 Back to School Safety Tips for Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents around Tampa

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. August 30, 2014

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With the summer all but over, it’s time for children to head back to school.

This means that there will be more young pedestrians on our roads walking and biking to and from school.

In our area, Tampa drivers can do their part in ensuring that our communities are safe for kids on the go by being extra vigilant for pedestrian safety during this time.

Be mindful of school zones

School zones are well marked and deserve extra care when you are commuting during certain times of the day. Be sure to drive below the posted speed limit and plan ahead to give yourself a little extra time if you know that you’ll be driving through these areas when school is starting or getting out.

Stay vigilant for young pedestrians, especially in residential areas

Remember, younger children can be harder to see due to their height, and they are often moving quickly when they are at play. Many young pedestrians also are not familiar with the rules of the road and may not be mindful of traffic. Be prepared to stop with very little notice if necessary.

Take the time to educate your own children about pedestrian safety

If you have children of your own, sit down with them and have an open conversation about the importance of pedestrian safety. Some important safety topics to consider include:

  • Following proper street-crossing etiquette.
  • Obeying all traffic signs and personnel.
  • Avoiding common distractions like smartphones and other devices.
  • Never darting into the street, especially from bushes or parked cars.

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