Understanding Construction Zone Accidents

Highways and high traffic areas are often under construction in the Tampa Bay area. Accidents and collisions occur more frequently in a construction zone due to additional hazards that may be present.

work zone accident

Signs or cones not placed in the correct place or drivers not paying attention to construction zones can all lead to serious accidents. Both workers and motorists can be seriously injured

Contributing Factors to Construction Zone Accidents

Depending on the circumstances of a construction zone accident, a negligent driver, a construction company, or a governmental entity can be held liable for injuries. Some contributing factors in construction zone accidents include:

  • Improper signage—to ensure that motorists are safe when driving through construction zones, it is important that there is an ample warning that a construction site is approaching. The number and position of the signs should comply with federal and state regulations. If it is shown that there was not proper signage, and this led to injury, then a construction company or governmental entity may be liable.
  • Driver distraction—if a driver is not paying attention and does not notice that they are approaching a construction zone or that a construction vehicle is pulling into traffic, they can be liable for injuries they cause.
  • Debris and machinery on the roadway—if construction debris or equipment is left on the road unattended this can cause a collision
  • Poor lighting—sometimes construction takes place at night. If that is the case, the construction zone should be properly lit so that drivers can see signage and are aware of construction workers and equipment along the road.
  • Poorly spaced cones and lane markers—construction zones often require drivers to take a different path down a roadway. If the new lane isn’t properly marked or cones aren’t placed where needed collisions with construction workers and other cars are possible.
  • Uneven surfaces—when construction work leads to uneven pavement of which drivers are not warned, a driver can lose control of their vehicle.

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