Although Florida finally has a law in place that prohibits texting while driving, all too many drivers in our area make the mistake of using their phones irresponsibly when they are on the road.

In an effort to reduce the rate of distracted driving accidents in our state, the Florida High Patrol has issued some driving safety tips designed to help drivers use their cell phones while driving responsibly.

Make Driving Safety Your Top Priority

Although being able to make emergency calls when you are on the go can be helpful in some circumstances, it’s your responsibility to treat driving safely as your number on priority. Simply put, do not take calls while you are on the road if it is going to distract you from driving safely.

If you receive a routine phone call on your cell phone while driving, consider letting it ring and go to voicemail. In the event that you really need to take or make a call, pull over and stop as soon as possible.

Keep Conversations as Short as Possible

If you do need to use your phone while you are driving, avoid getting into a lengthy or prolonged conversation. Address the reason behind the call as quickly as possible so that you can end your call. Be sure to avoid emotional or stressful phone calls while you are driving as these conversations can make it difficult to stay focused on the road.

Keep Your Attention on the Road

Above all, keep your eyes on the road if you need to use your phone. Hands-free cell phone devices can be useful, but it is still up to you to remain focused. If you need to take notes or look up a phone number, pull over so that you can do so safely.

Other Cell Phone Safety Tips

  • Become familiar with your phone and its different features.
  • Consider using a hands-free device.
  • Don’t use your phone in heavy traffic, inclement weather or other hazardous conditions.
  • Only use your phone while you’re driving when it is absolutely necessary

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