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Computer Model from John Hopkins May Help Avoid Concussions

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Erik Abrahamson
April 9, 2013
April 9, 2013 | Personal Injury

concussion lawsuitThe American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) reported in an October 17, 2011 article by Bob Roehr that 80 percent of traumatic brain injuries are mild and often not brought to the attention of a physician. When these “mild” jolts and blows to the head are not allowed to heal, a progressive, neurodegenerative deterioration can be triggered.

This permanent damage from improperly treated concussions is the subject of a class action lawsuit involving retired National Football League (NFL) players. These former players claim that the NFL knowingly withheld information regarding the harm caused by untreated repeated concussions.

Seeing the Damage

Being able to identify brain areas traumatized by concussion has been elusive due to difficulties in understanding how these injuries are presented and certain nuances of head movement. Even using diagnostic imaging techniques such as MRI and CT scans, results may not be immediately apparent.

According to a Johns Hopkins University study led by K. T. Ramesh, a technique called diffusion tensor imaging may allow physicians to diagnose and treat concussions early. In addition to enhancing a doctor’s ability to identify the damage, applications extend to the development of safeguards to prevent concussive injuries.

Ongoing Study

Ramesh and his team at Johns Hopkins continue to collect data and engage in more testing before this new imaging technique gains acceptance by the medical community. Using data collection devices embedded in existing equipment for football players and active duty military will confirm the viability of the diffusion tensor imaging model.

Impact on Brain Injury Litigation

Concussions, even mild ones, should be assessed by a physician immediately to prevent more serious injury. The difficulty in pinpointing the cause of concussion-related brain injury can create a lack of clarity in understanding the damage.

Using imaging models such as the one under study at Johns Hopkins, documentation may be able to be obtained showing location of the injury and identifying the cause.

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