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Dealing With the Trauma of a Car Accident

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Erik Abrahamson
June 6, 2019
June 6, 2019 | Car Accidents

Like other types of injuries, the psychological trauma that results from being injured in a car accident can be long-lasting. You may be afraid to get behind the wheel or to even get near a car. You may also feel anxious or nervous when you go near the site of the accident. These anxieties can have a major effect on your day to day life. The most important thing you can do when the trauma after a car accident is affecting your life is to recognize the problem and seek professional help. You shouldn’t have to suffer physically and psychologically due to someone else’s negligence. 

Signs You Need Professional Help for Your Trauma

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms after a car accident, you may want to seek the help of a professional counselor to cope with your trauma:

  • Increased anxiety or feeling of uneasiness
  • Excessive anger or irritability
  • Lack of focus
  • Persistent dreams or nightmares about the accident
  • Unmanageable fears about riding in or driving cars
  • Difficulty sleeping or eating
  • Using drugs or alcohol to cope with your feelings

Don’t ignore these psychological symptoms as they can get worse the longer they go on. It’s important to find the help you need to get you to a better place.

Taking Care of Yourself After a Car Accident 

In addition to seeking counseling and support, there are some other things you can do to take care of yourself.

  • Talk to Your Friends and Family–In addition to talking to a counselor about the accident and your feelings, it can also be helpful to talk things through with friends and family. Discussing your feelings and even going over the details of the accident can be a helpful release.
  • Stay Active--Exercise is great for healing the mind and can help you with your trauma. Be sure to take part in activities that don’t bother the physical injuries you sustained as a result of the accident. Just taking a walk outside can help you clear your head and see things more clearly. Activities like yoga can also be helpful for healing.
  • Try to Get Back to Your Daily Routine--It may difficult because of your physical injuries to get back to your daily routine, but it can be helpful to try and get back to as many of your usual activities as you can.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may need the help of an experienced car accident attorney near you. The attorneys at Abrahamson & Uiterwyk have been helping car accident victims for over 30 years. Contact us online or call us at 800-538-4878 to set up your free consultation today.

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