Facts about Distracted Driving: Teen Drivers Often on Calls with Parents

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. August 23, 2014

Most parents of teenage drivers are concerned about how their children use smartphones and similar devices when they’re behind the wheel.

According to a new study presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual conference however, phone calls and texts from parents themselves are leading causes of distractions for teen drivers.

About the Teen Distracted Driving Study

As reported by Today.com, the study was conducted by researchers from Parallel Consulting and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 400 teen drivers from 31 different states were included in the study and participated by answering questions related to their use of mobile devices behind the wheel.

The study found that 53 percent of teen drivers are actually talking with a parent when they are speaking on a phone while driving. However, the study also found that teens were much less likely to be communicating with a parent when they are texting while driving.

What Can Parents Do About Teenage Distracted Driving?

Thankfully, there’s a lot that parents can do to address the problem of teenage distracted driving.

  • Be a good role model for your entire family by staying focused on the road when you are behind the wheel.
  • Communicate openly with your family about the dangers of distracted driving. Consider developing a distracted driving policy for your family.
  • Ask your loved ones whether they are behind the wheel if you need to call them when they are on the go. If they need to focus on the road, allow them to return your call when it’s safe to do so.

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