florida surgery officeFlorida residents who need minor surgery can save money by choosing to have the procedure performed at a doctor’s office.

This can be a significant cost savings over having the procedure performed at a hospital. In light of a recent report presented to the Florida Board of Medicine, Florida residents may want to consider more than a cost savings.

The report informed the Board that an unacceptable number of these physician surgery offices in Florida are less than clean.

Not so clean

The inspectors found dirty floors, inadequately disinfected surgical devices, under trained medical staff, and doctors performing procedures with minimal training. Approximately 500 doctors operate state-registered surgical suites in their offices. The Surgical Care committee recommended a review of rules in a workshop setting.

Closing loopholes

In a study of Florida surgical office procedures, between 2000 and 2003 there were 13 procedure related deaths, and 43 complications requiring hospitalization arising from surgical office procedures. While changes to Florida’s rules with respect to office surgery have created one of the strongest in the country, the recent report has raised serious issues. A move is on to close loopholes in the rules.

What is a loophole

An example of a loophole is the requirement to have an autoclave to steam, sterilize surgical instruments, but no requirement exists to ensure someone has received training in operation of an autoclave. Improper use of the autoclave can cause improperly cleaned surgical tools. In addition, a staff member must be assigned to sterilize equipment. The rules provide no recommendations with respect to education in proper sterilization techniques. The inspectors found that receptionists for and bookkeepers had been assigned to this task in some instances.

The rules enacted in 2000 have reduced the number of deaths and injuries related to in-office surgical procedures. The Board feels that more work needs to be done to regulate physician surgical offices.

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