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Texting While Driving Now Illegal for Florida Drivers in an Effort to Reduce Distracted Driving

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Erik Abrahamson
July 27, 2013

no texting while driving signOn May 28 Rick Scott, Florida’s Governor, signed a bill into law banning texting while driving that applies equally to computer tablets and mobile phones. Florida is the 41st state to enact such legislation.

This law allows enforcement officers to use the driver’s mobile phone as evidence against them when texting contributes to a fatal vehicle collision. The purpose of this law is to ensure drivers are not distracted while operating a motor vehicle.

Deadliest Months

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) points to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and AAA statistics to show that summer is a dangerous time for teen drivers. Statistics show that of the ten deadliest days each year for teen drivers seven of these days fall between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Decide to Drive

The AAOS and AAA are partnering to sponsor a Decide to Drive campaign. This campaign encourages drivers to focus on driving, keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. The Decide to Drive site offers a Wreck-less Checklist that includes the following preventative tips:

  • Before starting the car, put on sunglasses or other accessories, adjust seats, remove reading materials from reach, put on a seatbelt and review maps or enter addresses into navigation systems.
  • If distractions occur while driving, stop the vehicle in a safe place and deal with the issue before continuing driving.
  • Do not consume food while driving.
  • Do not tend to personal grooming or change clothes while driving.
  • Keep your eyes on the road.

The new Florida law carries a fine of $30. The fine doubles and an additional three points against a driver’s license are assessed with each texting violations within five years. Licenses in Florida receive a 30 day suspension when 12 points are accrued in a year.

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