Have You Experienced a Headache Following a Car Accident?

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. February 25, 2013

speeding convertibleThe impact of a car accident may not be felt until after the incident. After the event, a person may not experience head pain for as much as a week.

When persistent headaches appear following an auto accident, it is important to seek medical attention. This could be a sign of a serious injury.

Pain and Other Effects Might Develop Over Time

Pain after a car accident could mean something serious is going on. The day after the incident, one might go about his or her business: going to work, running errands and more. However, a headache could then turn into dull back pain, numbness in the limbs and loss of balance. Headaches after a car accident may indicate severe head trauma that could make a person permanently disabled if not properly treated.

Accidents Cause Serious Trauma

People who are wearing seatbelts could also experience headaches, concussions and head trauma after a car accident. The body goes through a lot when a vehicle is struck. All of the additional force and movement can cause some serious health issue

Never Brush It Off

Victims should never brush off the medical impact of a car accident, even if they think it’s just a small headache. The longer people go without medical treatment, the more at-risk they are of developing serious brain injuries. Even the slightest headaches should be checked by medical professionals.

Traumatic brain injuries can result in loss of vision, decreased coordination and permanent disability. Such injuries can cause significant pain and suffering, loss of wages and even death.

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