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Driving Safely in Florida During the Holidays

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Erik Abrahamson
December 31, 2012
December 31, 2012 | Car Accidents

Even the safest of holiday drivers can be involved in serious accidents between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these dates represent the most common period when car accidents occur. However, there are several steps that drivers can take to decrease their chances of being injured in a car crash this holiday season.

Don’t Drink and Drive

During the holiday months, approximately 40 percent of accidents involve alcohol. Do not put yourself at danger by drinking and driving. Have a designated driver or a safe place to sleep instead of getting on the roadway.

Slow Down

Holiday travel often means that many drivers are racing from one relative’s home to the next. Give yourself plenty of time to make it to your destination so that you do not feel pressured to speed. The roadways are commonly slippery with ice and snow and you may need to adjust your speed to stay safe. Leave earlier to give yourself plenty of time to make it to your destination.

Stay Alert

If you are travelling at night time, ensure that you are well rested before departing. Take breaks and do not impose an unrealistic deadline on yourself. Statistics show that 41 percent of fatal traffic accidents are single-vehicle accidents. Avoid unnecessary distractions while you are driving, like taking phone calls from relatives.

Increase Following Distance

Icy roads, impatient travelers and drunk drivers can create dangerous driving conditions. Do not tailgate other motorists. Instead, leave at least eight seconds between you and the closest motorist so that you will have time to react in case another driver causes an accident ahead of you and will give you time to stop even on icy roadways.

Ensure Visibility

Snow can decrease your visibility, both to yourself and other motorists. Clear off all of the snow from your windshield, hood, tail lights, head lights, windows and body. If the snow makes it difficult to see, pull off the road to a safe place until the snow subsides.

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