Learn how to obtain a copy of your Hillsborough County accident report.

Being in a car accident is a very stressful and sometimes painful experience. After a car crash, you need to get a copy of every document related to your accident, including your Hillsborough County accident report.

We will explain what a Hillsborough County Accident Report report is, how to get a copy, and why it’s important.

Hillsborough County Accident Report

How Can I Get a Copy of My Hillsborough County Accident Report?

Obtaining your Hillsborough County accident report is simple. You can get a copy of your report by doing one of the following:

  • Visit the Hillsborough County Police Department during business hours and ask for a copy of your accident report.
  •  Request a copy online. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your report.
  •  Mail a request for your report to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Attention: Records Section/Freddie Solomon Annex, Post Office Box 3371, Tampa, Florida 33601. Include a check for 15 cents per page for the copying fee.

Hillsborough County car accident reports are confidential for 60 days after the accident. If you request your report before these 60 days, you must fill out an affidavit explaining why you need it. Keep in mind that copies of the report may not be free.

Wondering how long after an accident can you file a police report? You have up to 10 days to file a police incident report.

If you’ve recently suffered injuries because of a car accident in Hillsborough County, you ought to have your case reviewed by an attorney. You may be entitled to damages, and a Tampa car accident lawyer can help you understand your best course of action.

What is an Accident Report?

Police officers put together an official report at the scene of a car accident. They document evidence and decide who was the at-fault driver and the amount of damage. 

Officers compiling the report typically give you the other driver’s insurance information so that you can report the crash to your insurance company.

If you leave the scene of the accident for any reason, you must have someone else get this information for you. If you can’t, contact the Hillsborough County police department as soon as possible.

In a car crash on a Florida highway? Learn how to get a Florida Highway Patrol accident report online.

Why is Having My Hillsborough County Accident Important?

The Hillsborough County police report is the official report of a car accident. It is crucial to have this report because:

  • It can help determine what kind of settlement you can claim in a personal injury case,
  • How your insurance will handle the claim, and
  • The treatment of your injuries.

Keep your copies of the report in a safe place. Bring them to all meetings with lawyers, insurance agents, and other people on your team.

Note that each municipality in Hillsborough County has different guidelines for requesting a police incident report. Consult our guide for requesting a Riverview police incident report.

We Can Help you Get Your Accident Report and Protect Your Rights

It is vital to get a copy of your Hillsborough County police report following a car crash. If you have any questions about this process, we are here to help. Contact Abrahamson & Uiterwyk right away for more information.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Sun City Center, contact us to speak to a car accident attorney in Sun City Center.