Child Injury Lawsuits: Dangerous Toys That Might Hurt Your Kids

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. September 25, 2013

child injuryToy safety should be on every parent’s mind when it comes to shopping for new toys for their children. Although many understand the obvious dangers and avoid them, there are some dangers that are less obvious. Read below for more information and a list of dangerous toys:


Dangers associated with children swallowing a small magnet are well-known. However, there is an even greater danger to a child if they swallow more than one magnet and they attach to each other. This can cause blockages and prove fatal.

Aspiration risk

Another unexpected danger associated with certain toys is the risk of aspiration. For example, children have been harmed when a plush toy’s fur or doll’s hair is pulled out and gets into a child’s mouth. The hair or fur can be breathed back into the lunch thus leading to air constriction and choking.

Makeup Kits

Although seemingly benign, makeup kits actually pose a risk to children due to the nail polish, eye shadow and lip gloss that are often found in the kits. These substances can contain toxic chemicals and pose an allergen risk.

Strangulation Risk

Any toys with a rope, cord or string can pose a strangulation hazard to children. Most often this includes toys with netting, detachable laces or toys with jewelry.

Unexpected Choking Hazard

Many toys have hidden dangers such as small parts that can be removed or untied. Moreover, improperly attached noses or eyes such as on a stuffed animal or buttons that can come off a doll’s clothing are dangerous as well. Wheels from trains, trucks and cars are also a choking hazard.

Buying Toys Online

Purchasing toys online can be convenient, but it can also be dangerous. When ordering a toy online, you are unable to hold it in your hand and look it over for possible dangers. Therefore, if you order a toy online, be sure to look for that vital information on the site. If it is not posted, you can call the manufacturer or the vendor.

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