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Reasons Why Delayed Pain After a Car Accident Can Be Serious

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Erik Abrahamson
November 3, 2020
November 3, 2020 | Articles & FAQ

Car accidents can cause injuries; that’s no secret. They can range from minor bumps and bruises to broken limbs and traumatic brain injuries and practically everything in between. Sometimes, in the aftermath of an accident, you may feel just fine.

The human body’s natural response to stress is to flood your body with adrenaline, masking underlying pain or injuries. But days or even weeks down the line, you may begin to feel twinges and aches that could be signs of serious or injury.

If you experienced delayed pain after a car accident, you need to see your doctor right away.

Common Delayed Pain Symptoms

While stiffness and soreness are common after-effects of a car crash, there are some physical signs that you should not ignore. For example, delayed back pain after a car accident is more normal than you think. There are a few symptoms to watch out for, and they can be indicative of a serious injury.

Bodily Injury Pains

You should not ignore any aches and pains following your accident. Delayed stiffness and soreness in your back or shoulders can mean you suffered a severe whiplash injury and may have damage in your neck or back. 

Back pain is another common delayed symptom of injury. Back pain can mean you suffered a musculoskeletal or nerve injury in your upper, mid, or lower back.

You should also take any abdominal pain seriously. This can signal internal injuries like lacerations or bleeding that requires surgical intervention.

Symptoms of a Head Injury

Brain injuries are very serious. Concussion symptoms may take a little while to manifest, and brain clots or brain bleeds can be deadly. Be on the lookout for:

  • Headaches,
  • Memory issues and trouble focusing,
  • Vision and balance problems,
  • Mood swings, and
  • Fainting and bouts of unconsciousness.

Remember to always listen to your body. If something doesn’t seem right, go with your instincts. It may save your life.

How Long After an Accident Can Pain or Injuries Show Up?

When pain after a car accident is delayed, it is usually due to the type of injury a person suffers. Doctors don’t know exactly why some people experience symptoms right away, and others don’t.

One explanation is the high amount of adrenaline in a person’s system in stressful situations, but that doesn’t explain all delayed symptoms. Regardless, it is not an uncommon phenomenon, especially with the following injuries:

  • Internal bleeding may not manifest symptoms for 24 to 72 hours;
  • Concussion symptoms may take days to show up; and
  • Brain and neck injuries may be undetected for up to a week.

Don’t ignore any symptoms, even if they show up days or even weeks after your accident.

If My Symptoms Are Delayed, Can I Still Seek Compensation?

Delayed pain and injury symptoms after an accident are common. If your injury is the result of the crash, you are absolutely entitled to seek compensation for it. But it can be harder to prove to the insurance company that those injuries are related to the same accident.

Be sure to keep records of any medical treatments you receive, as well as any future therapy you may need. Then contact an experienced personal injury attorney to help you build your claim the right way.

Never Accept a Settlement Offer Without Legal Advice

In the aftermath of an accident, the other driver’s insurance company will want to do their best to settle your claim quickly and for as little money as possible. Remember that they probably will not offer you the entire amount you’re entitled to—at least at first. Keep calm and talk to an attorney as soon as you can.

An experienced personal injury attorney can tell you if the insurance company’s proposed settlement is a lowball offer and can negotiate with the insurer on your behalf. If necessary, they can even take your claim to court to pursue the full amount of compensation you deserve. 

Suffering Delayed Pain After a Car Wreck? Call Abrahamson & Uiterwyk Today!

At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, we know that the aftermath of an accident is a chaotic and stressful time. If you are experiencing delayed symptoms and pain from the wreck, this stress is only multiplied.

Our team of personal injury attorneys is here to help you fight for fair compensation for your injuries and will be with you every step of the way. From our offices in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and New Port Richey, we take pride in providing Floridians with personal and passionate legal advocacy.

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