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3 Easy Ways to Ride Safe Around Tampa

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Erik Abrahamson
July 3, 2014
July 3, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

When it comes to getting around in Florida, there’s nothing quite like enjoying the open road on your motorcycle. Maybe that’s why so many events for motorcycle enthusiasts take place in our state.

Unfortunately, it only takes a moment of negligence to be involved in a serious Tampa-area motorcycle accident that results in severe injuries.

Wear a Helmet

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, the number of fatal accidents for every ten thousand registered motorcycles in our state has shot up by 21 percent since helmet laws were changed back in 2000.

Deciding not to wear a motorcycle helmet places yourself at unnecessary risk of sustaining a serious head or brain injury in the event of an accident.

Don’t place yourself in harm’s way just to feel a little wind through your hair. Ride smart and wear a helmet every time you get on your bike.

Be Visible

While it’s up to all of us to share the road when we are driving in Florida, motorcyclists need to do their part by ensuring that other drivers can easily see them. Some easy ways to announce your presence when you’re on your bike include:

  • Wear highly visual apparel and/or neon gear
  • Use reflective tape
  • Use your headlights appropriately
  • Avoid riding in another driver’s blind spot

Practice Situational Awareness

One of the best things about riding a motorcycle is that it requires you to be in the moment and aware of your surrounding while you are traveling from Point A to Point B.

You can use this to your advantage by practicing situational awareness while you are riding and remaining acutely aware of everything around you, especially other drivers. Stay focused and expect the unexpected so that you are not caught off guard when another vehicle veers into your lane.

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