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Some Men More Likely to Become Traumatic Brain Injury Victims

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Erik Abrahamson
April 20, 2013
April 20, 2013 | Personal Injury

brain injury CGIIt is well documented that men have a higher statistical probability of sustaining a traumatic brain injury in comparison to women. However, recent research indicates that some men are much more susceptible to sustaining a brain injury compared to other men.

For example, males who have lower incomes may be more statistically likely to sustain brain injuries than other males. The research also indicates that young men and men who have poor mental skills are significantly more likely to sustain a brain injury.

Swedish Study on Traumatic Brain Injury Rates for Different Types of Men

The research originates from a study involving approximately 300,000 young males in Sweden. The researchers analyzed data involving these men who had been recruited for military service during the years between 1989 and 1994. The men had their mental skills assessed and continued to be assessed for the subsequent 19 years after the initial evaluation.

Out of the men who were evaluated, approximately 4,700 men had sustained a brain injury that was considered mild before their mental skills were assessed by the researchers. Approximately 800 of the participants sustained two brain injuries or more during the time of assessment. According to the researchers, the most prevalent reasons for the sustained brain injuries were fall accidents, traffic accidents and assaults.

Lasting Impact for Many Brain Injury Victims

According to the research, individuals who sustained a mild brain injury generally had a 5.6 percent lower rate of mental ability. For individuals who sustained two or more brain injuries, a 15 percent lower mental ability coincided, compared to participants who had not sustained a brain injury.

Researchers assessed the data and determined that a number of risk factors corresponded with brain injuries, including:

  • Lower socioeconomic level
  • Lower mental skills
  • Less education
  • Higher degree of physical fitness

Individuals who sustained brain injuries also had a higher probability of being admitted to a hospital due to intoxication and were more likely to be receiving early disability benefits.

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