Victims of Spinal Injury Accidents May Benefit from Mindwalker Robotic Exoskeleton

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. March 26, 2013

mindwalker deviceWhen a car crash victim suffers a spinal injury, the devastating results can affect everything from loss of mobility and chronic pain to considerable medical expenses and loss of income. Thankfully, new technology has emerged to help spinal injury victims walk again. The MindWalker device, developed by a Belgian company, helps deliver electrical signals from the brain when a person thinks about walking to a new robotic exoskeleton device designed help patients regain mobility of their limbs. Many other exoskeleton devices have been developed in recent years. In fact, the military has used many of these items for veterans returning home after fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Human Universal Load Carrier and Ekso System are two such devices which help people make use of their limbs after a spinal injury has left them immobile. However, the downside to both of these devices is that people still have to use crutches and experience limited mobility. The MindWalker has been designed to increase mobility and quality of life for spinal injury victims considerably. The device’s frame is fit to a person’s legs and torso. When an individual thinks of walking, a sensor translates this command to the robotic exoskeleton that facilitates the necessary movements of a patient’s’ legs. Experts are mindful that victims may still need to use crutches but are hoping that some will not and that mobility will be easier thanks to the exoskeleton device. Spinal cord injuries change a person’s life. Robotic exoskeletons encourage movement, which can improve a person’s day-to-day life and help victims return to work. Instead of focusing on healing the spinal cord injury, these exoskeleton devices focus on improving mobility.

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