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Study Finds New Mothers Particularly Susceptible to Distracted Driving

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Erik Abrahamson
March 22, 2013
March 22, 2013 | Car Accidents

mothers drivingA study has found an alarming statistic amongst new mothers who drive.

Although 63 percent of new mothers state that their driving abilities are better as a result of having a child in the car, the statistics prove otherwise.

American Baby and Safe Kids Worldwide found that about 10 percent of new mothers were involved in car accidents while they were driving, a percentage which is nearly three times the accident rate of the general population.

According to the study, distracted driving habits played a major role in many of these accidents. In general, new moms were found to:

  • Drive while fatigued.
  • Texting, reading emails or talking on a mobile device.
  • Not paying attention to the speed limit.
  • Turning around in the vehicle while driving to tend to a baby.
  • Engaging in other types of activities while driving. This can include putting on makeup, eating and other actions.

In a CBS story covering this study, Parents Magazine, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety offered the following tips to help new mothers drive safely. They include:

  • Pull off the road, stop the vehicle and turn the engine off before tending to a baby.
  • Do not attempt to multitask while driving. Drivers need their full attention on the road.
  • Never talk on the phone, check emails or text while driving.
  • Ask a friend to come along and help you on your trip or to babysit while you run errands.
  • Do not eat, drink or apply makeup while driving. Do it at home before or after your trip.
  • Always drive within the speed limit. If you are strained for time, think about what you could be done the next day instead of driving faster. Driving fast is unlikely to help you accomplish more in a day.
  • Before leaving home, eliminate potential distractions in the car. Check the radio, remove items from the dashboard, clean visor clips of papers and so forth.

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