Study Reveals Most Teens Continue to Text and Drive

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. October 25, 2012

A recent study released by State Farm has revealed that teenagers are continuing to text and drive even though they’ve been warned of the dangers that they are posing to themselves and others. Despite an abundance of media coverage discussing the dangers associated with this behavior, the telephone‐based survey has shown that young drivers are still not getting the message.

When asked whether they considered texting and driving may increase their likelihood of being killed in an automotive accident, only 35% of the 14 to 17 year olds surveyed responded in the positive. This compares to 57% of those surveyed who believed that drinking and driving could result in the loss of their lives.

Any activity that diverts a local driver’s attention away from the road can increase their chances of causing a Tampa car accident. According to a study released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, drivers who text while driving are 23 times more likely to put themselves and others in danger on the road than other drivers.

Sadly, distracted drivers are often responsible for automotive accidents resulting in innocent people becoming seriously injured. Individuals who have been hurt in such an accident are advised to seek the assistance of a Florida auto accident lawyer to ensure that their rights are protected.

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