Florida’s no-fault insurance laws can be complicated to navigate, and not everyone knows what is required to make a claim. One issue that often arises is the “fourteen-day rule.” Following the fourteen-day rule is important for an accident victim to keep in mind in order to successfully pursue compensation. Otherwise, you can face significant hurdles.

What is the Fourteen Day Rule?

Under Florida’s no-fault insurance law, if you have suffered injuries in a car accident, you must obtain medical care within fourteen days of the accident. Failure to do so can jeopardize your ability to collect benefits from your personal injury protection (PIP). The law states that your PIP coverage will cover 80% of your necessary medical bills as long as you have obtained treatment within fourteen days of the accident. Under the law, an accident victim must receive initial medical treatment from a licensed physician, a dentist, a chiropractic physician, or in a hospital. Seeing a physical therapist or a massage therapist as your initial medical contact is probably not sufficient.

Purpose of the Fourteen Day Rule

The fourteen-day rule was put into place in an effort to curb insurance fraud. If you receive medical treatment closer to the accident, then it is less likely that your injuries were caused by something other than your accident. This prevents people from claiming that injuries they sustained playing sports, for instance, were the result of their previous car accident.

Prompt Medical Treatment is Important

Seeking medical treatment as soon as possible is important regardless of the fourteen-day rule. Waiting to receive medical care can exacerbate an injury, which can lead to increased pain and higher medical bills. Failing to seek medical care can worsen your prognosis. Even if you feel that you have not been seriously injured after an accident, it is still important to go to a hospital or your doctor to get checked out. Many serious injuries have delayed symptoms that may not present themselves until hours or even days after an accident.

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